Travel for Tomorrow: A Letter to the Travel Community from the CEO

Dear travellers & entrepreneurs of the travel industry,

Undoubtedly, the past few weeks have been excruciating. The world as we know it has dramatically toppled, and it stings to know that entire countries together are suffering severely. In such trying circumstances, my heart goes out to all who have been directly or indirectly impacted by COVID-19, and at the same time, I wholeheartedly laud and thank each individual who is fighting on the front line of the pandemic.

And just like most industries out there, the travel industry is taking a colossal backlash due to the situation. Domestic and international travel have come to an uncertain and jolting halt, and with that, so have the incomes and lives of thousands of individuals and businesses entwined with the industry. Being a part of the same, closely-knit travel community of India, we at Zostel are in an ongoing effort to help our fellow entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Travel for Tomorrow

We’re coming up with a movement to save the travel community of India, and just like any movement, we need YOUR help to come through. But first, I want you to look back & remember all the times travel saved you—made you braver, given you new friends, opened up a new world to you. And I want you to think that today, many people that you may have come across on your travels—owners of cafes and homestays, hostel managers, and other small businesses that make travel possible, need your help.

So, how can you pitch in? Over the coming few days, we’ll be partnering with small businesses across several destinations. Then, you will be able to purchase credits for a business operating in your preferred destination for your future travel. And once this is all over and you pick up your backpacks again, you’ll be able to avail services unconditionally through the credits you have purchased with us. This way, our partners will receive a source of cash flow, for the time being, helping them in the crucial period of the lockdown.

Travel for Tomorrow: Zostel is saving the travel community under crisis
Zostel is calling out all travellers to stand together with the travel community!

And if you’re an individual or a business whose livelihood depends on the travel industry, you can join the force by registering with us in a few simple steps. Our potential partners include:

- Owners of homestays, cafes & restaurants. 
- Small businesses that conduct adventure activities in tourist places. 
- Small businesses that offer tourism-based services like bike rentals, cabs, travel guides, and more.

So, if your livelihood depends on tourism, come join us in ‘Travel for Tomorrow’ and we will do our best to help you sustain your business in the coming days. Fill out this form to register with us as a partner.

Let’s all survive this together. Let’s try to sustain what has sustained us for so long.

With immense love and hope, 
Dharamveer Singh Chouhan

Co-founder & CEO, Zostel

Writer, Dharamveer Singh Chouhan.