Stand with the travel community

Travel for Tomorrow

Think of the last time you travelled. Remember the small homestays where you stayed, the tiny cafes you ate at, the hostel staff that you interacted with, and the local people you met. Well, today, they’re all under varied degrees of financial crisis and need YOU to step forward and take one for the travel community. Dear traveller, we’re reaching out for you to save something that has saved you for so long - We need your help to save travel, for tomorrow!

How does this work?

If you are associated with a travel business in India that is hit hard by the lockdown owing to Covid-19, we’re calling you to partner with us to support your sustenance.

If you are a traveller willing to support the community, you can purchase credits or room nights in advance, which can be used anytime when you travel in the future.

This way, we and our disadvantaged partners receive a cash flow under these trying times, while you get the best discounts and prices for your future travels.

Zostel Credits

For every purchase of ₹10000, receive a cash credit of flat ₹12500!

Buy more, pay less.

Lifetime validity.

Redeemable across all Zostel hostels and homes.


The Zostel Backpacker Package

Purchase now, travel any time in the future!

Lifetime validity.

Transferrable without hassle.

Heavily discounted prices.


FAQs and Policies

  1. On which room type is this credit redeemable?

    Backpacker Package- Dorm nights only, subject to availability. In case of multiple dorm types, please note that the allotment would be in an AC dorm as per Manager’s discretion.
    Zostel Credits- Valid across all dorms and rooms for Zostel hostels and homes. The booking will be subject to availability.

  2. Is there an expiry date to these packages?

    No. Both the Backpacker Package and Zostel Credits have a lifetime validity.

  3. At which properties can I redeem the purchase?

    The Backpacker Package can be redeemed on dorm rooms across all flagship Zostel hostels. Zostel Credits can be redeemed on all room types across all flagships Zostel hostels and homes. However, the redemption of Zostel Credits or the Backpacker Package cannot be clubbed with any other discounted or promotional offers or packages.

  4. Are there any special dates when I cannot use these purchased nights/credits?

    For all properties - this offer is not valid from 24th of December 2021 till the 4th of January 2022.

  5. How do I go about redeeming these nights/utilizing these credits?

    Just send in an email to or WhatsApp us on +91-9599407770 from the registered email ID or phone number, and we’ll take up your request at the earliest possible. We’re always available!

  6. Are these purchased room nights/credits transferable?

    Yes, you can use these nights/credits to make a booking for your friend too. However, the request needs to flow in through the registered contact only. You can also combine your packages/credits together as a group to make this purchase.

  7. What happens if I don’t want to make use of all the room nights/credits, will my amount be refunded?

    As we have gone completely flexible with our policies, this would not be possible.

  8. Would the package cost change with the number of room nights?

    Yes, the Backpacker Package cost will vary with the number of room nights you purchase. The more are the number of room nights, the better are the discounts! However, Zostel Credits are fixed at a flat purchase of credits worth INR 1250 for every INR 1000 you pay.

  9. What is the maximum number of room nights I can purchase?

    For the Backpacker Package, the maximum number of room nights which can be owned by one individual is capped at 20. In case of multiple instances being made, we’ll have to go ahead and refund all but one purchase. On the other hand, there is no such limit on Zostel Credits.

  10. Can I redeem all nights together with my friends in one go?

    Group limit of one time bookings are property specific and ranges from 6-8 depending upon the location. The redemption too would depend upon this group limit. Only 3-4 properties however have a maximum permitted group size of 4. So, please plan your redemptions accordingly.

  11. What is the cancellation policy with regards to the redemption of room nights?

    Room nights/Credits once redeemed cannot be cancelled. It would result in the loss of your purchased nights/credits. So, please proceed with the redemption once you are sure about the dates and your plan.

  12. I’m a Travel Agent or a Tour Operator. Can I purchase the credits or the package?

    These packages are reserved only for individuals who wish to avail them on personal travels. You may go ahead and make your purchase in a personal capacity only. In case we suspect anything not in good faith, we’ll have to go about with the cancellation of the package.