Bringing back our hostel in Dalhousie after a great revamp! Your holiday in this beautiful town of Chamba valley got all the more bright, comfy, and happening.



Introducing Zostel Dobhi, our former homestay revamped into a happening new hostel in Fojal Valley, only 20 km from Manali & 9 km from Naggar.



Zostel brings to you our very own travel web series, Roam OK Please! Explore India's most incredible destinations, as we take you on adventures & share helpful information.



Presenting our third homestay in Wayanad, this time in the tourist-popular Vythiri village. Plan your escape to this private villa, perfect for groups of 4 or 6.


Zostel Home Vythiri, Wayanad


One of the most-loved regions of Wayanad when it comes to holidaying, Vythiri is a charming village with verdant hills, serene lakes, and a laid-back life. Decorated with breathtaking viewpoints and lush green tea estates at every curve, Vythiri calls for a relaxing holiday to be shared with your loved ones.

Zostel Home Kotkhai, Shimla


Looking out at a valley blooming with pines, green fields, and small dots for houses, our abode in Kotkhai reflects the lavish Himachali lifestyle from the olden times. Here, the balconies glimmer under the Sun and the glass windows open up to the hills galore. The smell of fresh home-cooked meals takes up the air along with the chuckles of kids who host you with the most loving heart. With a basketball court in the front yard, apple orchards all around, and a sunrise worth waking up early for, this home has many little wonders in store for you. Nestled in Padara, a small town just 13km from Kotkhai, the house is easy to reach by road. It sits hidden from the popular tourist destination of Shimla, which is 65km away.

Zostel Home Pushkar, Rajasthan


A view of the serene Aravalli Hills, a pool to chill in, and tantalizing Rajasthani food all commingle to make Zostel Homes Pushkar the flavourful delight it is. With tents for private rooms, utterly rural milieus made up of fields and faraway hills, and a rustic vibe, the luxury retreat lies at the outskirts of Pushkar city, away from the bustle and still conveniently accessible. A pilgrimage for some, a hippie land for others, Pushkar is an odd and interesting amalgamation of all things travellers and residents want it to be. Known for its peaceful ghats, hike-able hills, and niche market, Pushkar city hails with a breezy vibe. While it gets filled up to the brim during the Pushkar Camel Fair and one week of Holi, the town certainly has a charm that’ll make you stay for longer than you’d expect to whenever you pay it a visit.

Zostel Home Tabo, Spiti


The sun shines brightly on the wheat fields, desert mountains, and mud houses, making their browns glow gold with the dawn. Time here moves slowly as kids make their way to the only school in the town, grannies milk the many cows, and the monks continue with their everyday chores in the world’s oldest monastery. This is life here in Tabo, a miniscule village in the Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. Its lakes and waterfalls freeze in the winters, whereas summers bring the entire landscape to life. And in both, there is equal beauty, meant to be savoured separately. Zostel Homes Tabo is a quaint little home just off the highway, holding apricots in its front yard and views of the gorgeous rainbow mountains from its balconies and windows.

Zostel Home Karapuzha, Wayanad


A close-knit holiday immersed in nature awaits you at this petite Zostel Home, located in the lush green milieus of Wayanad’s Karapuzha lake. Blending flavours of both traditional and modern architecture, this homestay offers a laidback experience for travellers and digital nomads. Here, vast balconies invite in serenity, a blooming garden helps you unwind to your heart’s content, and a gorgeous view of the lake and hills keeps you company at all times. The common areas on the two floors host you and your loved ones with happening playtime, while evenings bring with them social bonfires with some mandatory stargazing. Meals are available to order from a compact menu, procured from a local joint nearby.

Zostel Home Thirunelly, Wayanad


A traditional cottage nestled in a hilly forest area, Zostel Home Wayanad is your quaint hideaway in Kerala’s wilderness. It features a common room with indoor games, a bonfire area, a restaurant, and a garden for a social holiday. Outside, activities like wildlife safaris, treks, and visits to sightseeing spots will keep you engaged. While at the Home, you can look forward to relaxing in the pool adjacent to the Home, enjoying traditional delicacies, and stargazing well into the night. Those looking for a laid back holiday will appreciate the cosy rooms with a view of the hills, the hammock area apt for afternoon sunbathing, and the many games and books to indulge in. You will be hosted here by the Sebastians, a local family of three that brings a rich cultural twist to your stay with their traditional lifestyle and home-cooked meals, served alongside delightful local stories.

Zostel Home Rashil, Lahaul


A red chalet perched upon a lush green hill, surrounded by houses and vibrant fields, with a dusty brown backdrop of snow-capped mountains, and a river flowing by. This is the dreamy landscape that invites you into Rashil, a tiny but scenic village in the Pattan Valley of Lahaul. Our traditional homestay in the hamlet sits at the end of the town with a 360-degree view of the surroundings, which can be relished from all common areas, private rooms, and the dorm room. Built in wood and decorated with handmade carpets and trinkets, the Home features multiple open and indoor common areas, a warm tandoor and kitchen, and airy balconies to stargaze at night. You'll share your life here with the most jovial family, in which aunty is a great cook of Himachali & Lahauli dishes, uncle brings stories & accompanies you on hikes, whereas the main host, Manoj, takes you on the finest adventures across the region. In Lahaul, summers are marked by gurgling waterfalls & streams, fields ripe with cauliflowers, apples, & lettuce, and lives teeming with warmth and glee. While in winters, a quiet grace looms over the villages as blankets of snow get laid, and then life is all about snowboarding, communal tandoors, weaving sessions, and traditional winter festivals. Indeed, Lahaul Valley brings with it a whole different world which is reflected in its landscape, culture, lifestyle, and seasons alike. Come, explore it in the most authentic way with our lively hosts at their own home.

Zostel Home Madikeri, Coorg


Concealed within a lush expanse of delicate coffee plants, pepper creepers, and shrouded jackfruit trees lies Zostel Home Coorg. Dipped in tranquillity, this traditional Keralan house lets you be thoroughly at one with Nature. While the verandah invites sunlight and fresh breezes your way, the rooms all gaze out at the greenery. The Home consists of private rooms and dorms, offering you just the perfect mix of a secluded and social escape. Bringing stories, music, and conversations together is the antique common room. It truly lets you indulge all your five senses in the woodland’s essence. The Home is also equipped with multiple cosy and quiet nooks for digital nomads to set up a workstation, while the 50 Mbps fibrenet adds convenience. Homely meals make the deal fulfilling, which are served with local stories by our loving hosts. When holidaying in this sequestered residence, you’ll enjoy simple nature and village walks, refreshing sunrises and violet sunsets, and the goodness of slowing down time to live at your fullest. To make your days eventful, you can go fishing, trekking, and exploring the popular sights of Madikeri and around.

Zostel Home Burwa, Manali


Overlooking the marvellous snow-clad Himalayas and pampering travellers with exceptional food, luxe rooms, and vibrant common areas is Zostel Home Burwa, a lavish chalet in Solang Valley. A neat front yard where you can relish a rich breakfast of freshly baked croissants and exquisite tea invites you into this Zostel Home. First to greet you are the cafe, gameroom, rejuvenating spots to create, and vibrant spaces to socialise. The in-house cafe serves delectable dishes perfect for a cosy date and group dinners alike. The private rooms spoil you with luxury and choice between spacious studio, snug attic, and grammable deluxe. And for solo backpackers, there are equally picturesque dorm rooms, where you can play, read, work, and sleep your heart out. All of this goodness is noticeably accompanied by a fine view, the feeling of privacy and freedom, and the chance to explore a treasured destination that is still blissfully distant from the public eye. As a first-timer, your holiday in Burwa will be marked by the adventure activities of Solang, a lush green mountainscape typical to Manali, and the serenity that a hamlet basking in nature brings. Just 7 km north of Manali, this easily accessible but underrated village offers an exclusive experience of northern Himachal. It is a rare find for hikers, camping enthusiasts, and those planning an excursion to Ladakh or Spiti Valley.

Zostel Home Theog, Shimla


Overlooking a valley bursting with Deodars, Zostel Homes Theog is a woodhouse on a quaint little ridge in Bhalech. A perfect holiday here would be filled with soaking in the serenity of the wilderness, amusing yourself with a game of pool or reading a book at leisure, only to end the day on a magical note with a cosy bonfire in the veranda. The mornings come with mesmerising sunrises, whereas the sun sets to make way for a sky full of stars. Brimming with flower and fruit orchards, Theog is generous in offering panoramic views of the Himalayas. Often overshadowed by popular places like Shimla and Kufri, it is a small treasure with significant wonders.

Zostel Home Cheog, Shimla


Seated amidst lush apple orchards, Zostel Homes Cheog is every bit magical. The village teems with the traditional lifestyle of Himachal, giving itself a distinct flavour altogether. With this getaway, enjoy blissful landscapes and savour local delicacies prepared by the host as you take a rejuvenating break from the hullabaloo of the city life.

Zostel Home Rakchham, Kinnaur


An outlandish bloom of Pink Olga blossoms sprawls out on its fields just after the rains, winters come with snowfall and an enchanting silence, and summers here can be described in two words: festive and green. This is Rakchham, a small town slightly North of Chitkul and very much at the heart of the Sangla Valley of Himachal Pradesh. In this very hamlet, endowed with gorgeous sunsets, sits Zostel Homes Rakchham, a dot of brown and teal in the middle of endless greenery. A curvy mud path cuts through it and leads to the steps of the front yard, which lays adorned with apple trees and flamboyant flowers. The rooms here are submerged in nature, enjoying all the majestic sunrises, sunsets, furtive rainbows, and misty mountains. The food here is hot and the nights pleasantly breezy, making for two traits of a very dreamy holiday.

Zostel Home Mashobra, Shimla


Tucked away in the between mountains decorated with apple orchards, oaks, deodars, and pines, ZostelX Mashobra offers the perfect blend of a laid-back escape and an adventurous holiday. You’ll be welcomed to our pleasant abode with a garden and a sprawling front yard, the ideal spaces for spending leisure time reading, sipping tea, or stargazing. On one end lies a glimmering stone-and-wood cottage that serves as the hang-out area and teems with the games of billiards and table tennis. Embracing the breezes and sunshine are the rooms, that come with personal balconies so that you always have a piece of the mountainous landscape to yourself. Adding to the comfort of fluffy beds and utterly warm blankets are the home-cooked meals here, which are delicious, filling, and everything you’d love to have up North. The house is hosted by the Sood family, who have been a part of Himachal Pradesh since forever.

Zostel Home Rumsu, Manali


A town that seems to have paused its reels in the ‘60s, Rumsu is an ode to the simpler times with its archaic vibe. People here still live in fragile wooden houses that appear to be almost made by hand for a fairy tale set. The food here is also just as simple, but manifold hearty and delicious. And as you can expect from a gravely offbeat village of Himachal Pradesh, Rumsu has pure & utterly charming views of the green Himalayas of the Kullu Valley. Our almost antediluvian and mostly wooden home in Rumsu sits on a small ridge, with green hills and the snow-capped Himalayas right across from it. The rooms here treat you with velvety beds and delectable views, private balconies and ample space to unwind. Come here for a simple, leisurely holiday focused at spending time with your loved ones or self and artistic exploration, for there’s little to do here but a lot to take in.

Zostel Home Kotgarh, Shimla


Zostel Homes Kotgarh is your gateway to experience thrill and calm under one roof. Enjoy skiing at the famous alpine slopes of Narkanda, raft in the River Satluj or just sit back and relax in your balcony sipping hot tea while gazing at the beautiful panorama.

Zostel Home Laida, Jibhi


Located at the edge of the forest on a hilltop, this outlandish home has everything you need to unwind. A treasury of little pleasures like waking up to the chirping of birds, Zostel Homes Laida invites you to explore the beauty that lies in countryside stillness. It is a traditional anti-earthquake house made up entirely of logs and mud and makes for a great place for artists to work, ponder, and inspire.

Zostel Home Shuru, Manali


A barbeque by the river, hikes and cookouts, off-roading and biking, fruit-picking and breadmaking, and exclusive cooking sessions with the chef— how does that sound for a holiday? Zostel Homes Shuru is a collection of many such experiences, coated by the bliss of luxury and a majestic landscape! With a lively bar and a picturesque common area, umpteen balconies that tag along with the rooms, a colourful courtyard, and the comfiest of beds, the chalet is the perfect blend of rustic and fancy. Although, the highlight of your stay would be all the extraordinary meals you’ll end up having here. Hosted by the Gurungs who have been into hospitality for decades, the home is nothing short of a food-paradise. Rati aunty is known around the area for her unique pickles and jams, whereas Anubhav, her son and a chef, woos the guests with a fine-dining experience featuring Indian, American, and Continental cuisines. With curated cultural, adventurous, and leisure experiences, the Gurungs really have the finest and most unique escape in store for you.

Zostel Home Kibber, Spiti


Turning into nothing less than the fantastical town of Narnia in winters and adorning a rich palette of dusty browns in summers, Kibber takes you back in time with its tranquillity and traditional lifestyle. The days here ring with Tibetan prayer chants and the chuckles of the gleeful villagers, whereas the nights bring thousands of stars into play up above. In the heart of this small town lies Zostel Homes Kibber, with its windows and front yard faced to the clustered toy-like white and brown mud houses of the hamlet. The town further looks at the dark brown mountains, and they, in turn, look up at shinier, snow-clad ones. Away from the bustle of Kaza and still close enough to surreal adventures like those of visiting the prominent landmarks or spotting Snow Leopards, Kibber is an experience in itself.


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