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About the Volunteer Role:

You would be joining a Zostel property to make all the guest-stays memorable. You can work your own ways to interact with the guest. It can be over “catching some fresh air”, pub crawls, while chilling in the common area or cooking.

Here is what you will do all day:

·         Waking up and waking everyone else up

·         Spending almost the entire time with the guests in the common areas

·         Talk, talk and talk a lot, but listen even more

·         Plan activity of the day and notify people through posters, board notification and/or word of mouth

·         Help the guests who come to you with queries, in every way possible

·         Create content from the Zostel for social media like Facebook, Instagram and share it with us over email and WhatsApp. The more the merrier ;)


What we are looking for:

·         Someone who is quadrilingual, just kidding good communication skills in English would serve you just fine

·         Good listening skills

·         Effective speaking skills

·         Ability to waking up on one call

·         Someone with a hunger to learn

·         Knowledge of the city which includes opening and closing times of tourist spots, entry fees, transport charges, cafes, pubs, cheap booze places...you get the drill right, everything! (You will have your time to explore the city and learn about the place)

Possible activities you can organize:

·         Movie nights (works every time)

·         Pub crawls

·         Game night (quick tip: Jenga is an all-time hit)

·         Cooking classes: people go crazy overcooking and Indian food.

·         City walks (kinda are important)

·         Karaoke

·         Sports tournaments

·         Hiking, trekking

·         Indian wear day


Special note:

·         You will have to make sure that all the activities are organized on a daily basis and you keep us updated by sharing moments from Zostel each day on your social media handles.

·         Create social media buzz through your Instagram profile and update on your facebook about Life at Zostel, your experiences and more.



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Oct. 24, 2018