I know that due to the actions of human beings, our planet’s natural beauty and ecosystem is getting damaged every second. I know how my actions can affect the lives of other human beings, nature and wildlife, for many years to come. I believe that my thoughts and actions have the strength to bring a change and help preserve the natural beauty of our planet.
So I pledge to:
  • Stop purchasing and using single use plastic items like: plastic water bottles, straws, cups etc and use alternative reusable items.
  • Follow "Leave No Trace" policy everywhere I go and carry my waste till I can dispose it properly.
  • Respect the environment and culture of people living in the places I visit and be aware of my actions that might disturb them.
  • Be part of green initiatives whenever I can and plant atleast one tree, every year.
  • Consume local food while travelling and avoid packaged food items like chips, noodles or aerated drinks, as they are major source of plastic pollution.
  • Carry my own toiletries instead of using new ones while travelling to reduce waste.
  • Use public transport or shared taxis as much as possible.
  • Conserve water and electricity by minimising wastage.
  • Ask hostel/guesthouse/hotel owners about their actions to reduce wastage and urge them to adopt eco-friendly practices
  • Be a strong example for other around me and urge more people to take this pledge.
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