Spiti, for the rich culture prevailing in the region, has pockets of villages across the valley. Housing only a few hundreds, locals live in thatched mud houses and work across farms producing barley and peas for their livelihoods. Travelers exploring the places have the opportunity to stay in local homes. One can not only enjoy the hospitality of the valley but also help in the livelihood of the locals. The villages of Komic, Hikkim and Langza provides one the comfort of enjoying this luxury in the valley. Hiking to these places adds to the flavour of the aura that surrounds to these places as one gets to head back by a few years and travel the local way. Camera enthusiasts have night skies at their disposal as one can get spectacular images from Komic and Langza.

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3 Days
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Day-1 Hike to Komic
  • You shall begin your journey at Zostel Kaza which is where you’ll meet your fellow travelers.
  • You shall be served a sumptuous breakfast in the morning as you pack your rucksack and get ready for the long day ahead.
  • Starting from Kaza, you shall hike along a moderately steep trail on the hill facing Zostel. One can witness the panoramic view of the town nestled on the banks of the river Spiti as you hike uphill.
  • After two hours, one reaches the top of the hill leading to a green stretch. The transition from a barren walk to a flat green pasture is magnificence at its best. A few minutes of walk leads us to seeing a small pocket of houses faraway which is Komic.
  • The steep hike having sapped a few calories out, you shall have a well deserved break sitting on the pastures and enjoy the breathtaking view around you.
  • Once done, it takes an hour walking on the green slopes to reach Komic. You would reach the homestay where you shall be served delicious lunch and tea.
  • The evening can be spent by visiting the monastery and walking around the village. The peak Chau Chau Kang Nilda at the backdrop, offers you a picturesque scene of the village.
  • Back to the homestay, you shall have dinner prepared in local flavours and the time can be spent sharing and hearing beautiful stories.
Day 2 - Walk to Langza via Hikkim
  • Home cooked breakfast consisting of Tibetan bread and accompaniments awaits you as you freshen up and get prepared for the day.
  • You start towards Hikkim which is a 20-30min walk downhill. Housing the world’s highest post office, Hikkim has made a name for itself as travelers send postcards to their near and dear ones.
  • After sending the postcards, you shall start the walk towards Langza. It takes a little more than an hour to walk across the green meadows. The Kang Nilda still visible, it towers above Langza as you get to witness the village from far.
  • On reaching Langza, we accommodate you at the homestay where you shall be served lunch and tea.  Situated at a height of 4350m, Langza is a picturesque village known for the giant Buddha statue and houses a monastery adjacent to it. Like Komic, the village has farming as the main source of income with peas and barley cultivated on a large scale.
  • Langza being famous for centuries old fossils, one can spend time finding their perfect souvenirs
  • The evening shall be spent walking above the village while the night can be spent clicking the sky and the statue.
Day 3 - Langza to Kaza
  • A sumptuous breakfast awaits in the morning post which one can explore the meadows hiking above the village
  • To get back to Kaza, one shall walk along a stretch of 15km to the town. Taking off routes downhill can save time and one can reach Kaza by 1.5hours
  • You shall head back to Zostel for the day as the folks get to hear some lovely stories from you.


  • Nutrition pack to consume during the escape.
  • Homestay charges including food and breakfast.
  • Guide charges during the escape.


  • Booking is subjected to weather conditions at the day of booking. Zostel won't be responsible for the cancellation of treks due to unforeseen circumstances. The entire amount would be refunded for the same in such cases.
  • Maximum number of people per batch is limited to 8
  • A stay of one day is recommended to acclimatize prior to the escape
  • The food served in the homestays would be vegetarian. Anything over and above this shall have to be borne by the traveler
  • Minimum 4 persons are required to conduct this activity, otherwise any deposit will be refunded.



For groups exceeding 8 members only.