A very famous painter once said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain one as we grow up.”

Walking on a similar line of thought, Zostel Mussoorie presents an Art Rendezvous. Not an artist by profession? Do not worry! You do not need to know any form of art to be a part of it. We believe in focusing on the therapeutic process of art rather than the end product.

Our aim is to create a safe space for everyone to explore their creativity, strike up conversations with fellow travellers, share amusing stories, and have a lot of fun.

The Artists
Rajvi Vats is a professional artist who reflects the interaction of her mind and matter as a dialogue of brush and paints that is warm, vivid, and sensual to the eye. In her paint sessions, she aims to help participants derive a positive mindset towards life while indulging in a calming painting experience.

Manisha Sharma has been an Art of Living teacher for 14 years. She is a reiki grandmaster and practices sound healing, NLP, LPR, and tarot reading. Her ways of training are as pragmatic as they are exotic and unbelievable.

Shlok Gera who will be conducting the percussion jam believes in spreading joy through music. He is a part of the band YAMAN and facilitates drum circles.
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3 or 5 Hours
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Strums and Strokes
  • Hosted by Rajvi Vats & Shlok Gera
  • | INR 902  (inclusive of all taxes) | 5 hours | Zostel Mussoorie | Min seats 8 | Max seats 50 | Twice a month | 11 AM - 4 PM
  • Sit at our scenic hostel, together with fellow artists, and paint to some feel-good tunes by the drum circle.
    During this session, we will conduct painting and movement based activities, musical activities, and interactive activities. We strongly believe & actively endorse Art as a “Process” and not as a “Product”. We want to enable people to reclaim their relationship with art.
    It's not about creating “the perfect artwork” it’s about the process, the aura and conversations with people that surface in your art.
  • Strokes
    You will try several painting techniques like mixing, learning brush strokes, and using the canvas to fill your mental space with positivity.
    Our art instructor will guide you through this therapeutic art session.
    You will process your feelings, play with instruments and colours and sing your heart out loud.
  • Strums
  • Activities:
    Clap Along: One person throws a beat, others clap in sync
    Body Percussion: Use your body to generate some groovy beats
    Jump in jump out: A simple instruction based game with a twist
    Give me a drum: Generate a full beat by starting with simple hits or patterns
    Rumble: Play with the tempo and loudness as the music cheers you up with its euphoric vibe
    NOTE: You do not need to have any kind of background in painting or music to take part.
    After painting, you will join the music circle for a jam.
Meditation, Yoga, and Sound Healing
  • Hosted by Manisha Sharma | INR 694 (inclusive of all taxes) | 3 hours | Benog Wildlife Sanctuary | Min seats 8 | Max seats 50 | Twice a month | 2 PM - 5 PM
    You'll go on a spiritual journey with our knowledgeable mentor Manisha Sharma.
  • Activities:
    Guided meditation to experience ecstatic states within yourself. In this, you'll be guided to focus on 7 chakras in a certain way.
    Exclusively designed Yoga sessions to rejuvenate your body.
    Sound healing to experience deep relaxation and calmness within. This will help in cleansing your aura.
    Get a sneak-peek into the mentor's inspiring spiritual journey.
    NOTE: You do not have to be a meditation practitioner to take part in the sessions.
Immersive Art Session by a stream
  • Hosted by Rajvi Vats | INR 833 (inclusive of all taxes) | 4 hours | By a natural stream | Min seats 8 | Max seats 50 | Twice a month | 11 AM - 3 PM
  • Activities:
    Head out for a small hike to an offbeat location near kempty falls. As you hike, we will have a surprise for you to unravel at the hiking location, solvable with good interactive skills with fellow hikers. 
    Once at the site, indulge in yet another painting session in the lap of Nature as you interact with fellow travellers and create art.
    NOTE: You do not need to have any kind of background in painting to take part.


  • •All art materials, supplies needed for any activity.
  • A GST of 5% is included in the registration fee.
  • •Instruments for the music session.
  • • Lots of good vibes, fun activities, and good people.
  • What's not included? •This is simply an art meet and does not include your stay or any other facilities. (You can book your stay separately). • This does not include food.


  • Submission of this form response doesn't mean your seat is booked. A full payment & agreement to the T&C note and disclaimer is the pay to confirm your spot.
  • The experience budget is non - refundable & non- adjustable under any circumstances.
  • Your entire amount will be refunded if there is a central or state lockdown anytime before the dates of the trip, or travelling is officially prohibited by the government. So you don't have to worry about your payment. In no other circumstances, the event will be cancelled, or the paid- up amount refunded.


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