If you found yourself stranded in the tangled wilderness of the mountains, would you be able to tough it out? Join Ex-Commando Indian Army Rescue Specialist, P.S. Negi on a weeklong adventure in the rugged Himalayan landscape of Chitkul as he trains you in trekking, camping, mountaineering, and everything in between.
Date: 22nd June
16835 onwards
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7 Days
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Day 1- Warm up and explore Chitkul (Optional)
  • Begin the journey with ice-breaking activities as you get to know the instructor and your group mates for the week. You will also be informed about Chitkul, its culture, flora, fauna and what to expect in the coming days with a day-wise plan. You’ll have the rest of the day for exploring the last village of India on the Indo-Tibet border!
Day 2- Rock Climbing, Introduction to the Kinnauri Culture, and learning ropes
  • Wake up at sunrise and indulge in light exercises and stretching for an hour. Follow it up with a nice hot breakfast, after which you’ll be enjoying an exciting session of rock climbing where you learn about patches of rock faces and the ascending techniques. Come back to Zostel for a filling lunch and some rest. In the evening, learn all about a versatile tool- ropes. After dinner, gather up for an interesting story session, where you’ll be revealed the mysteries of the Kinnauri Culture.
Day 3- Rappelling, handling first aid, and learning anchors
  • Begin with exercising, have breakfast and get ready for the day. Head to a nearby mountain for rappelling as you learn to descend from steep rock faces within minutes. After lunch, learn basic first aid tactics along with CPR training on a dummy. Carry on with a session on anchors which will teach you about their types and usage.
Day 4- Mountain Rescue & Casualty Evacuation Training
  • Follow the morning routine of exercise, breakfast, and refreshment. Today, you will train on protecting yourself and rescuing others during an emergency. After a delicious lunch, learn how to evacuate a place in case of natural calamities & adversaries. You’ll also learn how to make a stretcher, moving casualties, and conduct a rescue mission by task force action.
Day 5- Trekking fundamentals: Making shelter, navigation, & distribution of ration
  • Begin your day with exercise, morning chores and breakfast. Today, we will focus on extreme trekking. The one where you enter the wilderness with minimum tools to support you and no other guidance. How to build a tent or an improvised shelter? How to find the right trail? How to make sure you survive with the food you have? Learn it all!
Day 6- Trek and camping Day!
  • Put all your new skills to test today. Trek to a nearby mountain as you learn about making food within a group when in the wilderness and survival through flora and fauna, followed by setting up your own tent. Stay overnight in your self-made shelter!
Day 7- River crossing, making rope bridges, & horizontal holding lines
  • Descend back to Zostel Chitkul early morning, crossing the Baspa river. Learn how to cross a river with rope bridges and horizontal holding lines amongst other ways. In the evening, share your stories and experience with fellow adventurers and get ready to bid the gorgeous little town of Chitkul a goodbye!
  • PS. If you want to have the best experience and keep up with all the activities, engage in moderate exercises for an hour every day, 10 days before you join. These activities could include jogging, push-ups, squats, and bicycling.


  • Stay in dorm rooms at Zostel for all days in Chitkul
  • 3 meals per day, high-tea, and snacks
  • Transportation in and around Chitkul if needed for an activity
  • All group gear: ropes, carabine, harness, and technical gear needed for activities
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE Any additional meals/food ordered at Zostel or outside. Also, personal gear and purchases.


  • Cancellation Policy- 50% refund for cancellations 7 days prior to the course, 25% refund for cancellations 3 days before the course begins, and no refunds once the course starts or in case of a no-show.
  • We can also arrange for your transportation from Shimla to Chitkul in case you are a group of people travelling together. The costing of the same shall be on actuals.
  • Since it’s a time-bound course, adhering to the timelines and instructions is necessary.
  • In case of misbehaviour or non-adherence to rules, the participant will be asked to leave, and his fee will not be refunded.
  • If you have any doubts or concerns, please feel free to reach out to
  • Post the confirmation of your booking, you'll receive a mailer containing the POC and on-ground team Details in Chitkul along with a list of items to wear and carry. Wishing you an adventure-of-a-lifetime!


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