The Himalayan region is popular for the  breath-taking views that it has to offer and especially for its challenging trek.The 360° Trek is nothing different that’s handpicked and curated by us and it takes you to one of the most offeat and  beautiful and unexplored destination that remains unexplored to wider public till date that is the Rajgundha Valley in midst of Dhauladhar ranges. 

This is unarguably the most rewarding beginners trek in Himalayas. A complete package with 360 degree scenic trail passing through the banks of Uhl river and virgin views of snow capped peaks culminating in take off from one of the world’s best paragliding sites.

Highest Altitude: 12000 Ft
Average Temperature: - 10°C- 15 °C
3100 onwards
4.8 Rating
2 Days
5 Reviews


  •  Starting the day at 10 AM we drive towards trekking point that is nearly 54 KMs and on the way we stop for tea and snacks at 11:30 AM in Jhatingri. After that enjoying the scenic beauty around the place and enjoying the scenic beauty of the route we reach Barot at 12:30 PM and visit the Shannon project that is India's first hydro project and stay here for another half hour
  •  Lunch: Lunch is scheduled to be at Nalhota at around 1:30-2:00 PM. Here you can try Fresh Trout Fish (If available) at some extra charges.
  •  Start of the Trek: Baragaon, that is a small sleepy village that is situated at the foot of mountains and covered by lush greenery all around, along with a valley that runs far into the horizon. You will feel welcoming and refreshing cold air as you step out of your vehicle and prepped to begin the trek
    Trek is of nearly 5-6 km, here you'll follow the lush green trail along the mountains, and on the way, you will also find a wonderful bridge on the Uhl river that gives you the 360-degree view of the destination. You will begin to see snow-clad mountains along the Uhl river that's flowing in its full force.
  •  An evening in Rajgundha: Rajgundha is located in midst of Barot Valley, and offers the view of Dhauladhar mountain ranges. This settlement isn't much populated due to cold weather conditions in the winter months. Life in Rajgundha is quite simple and non-materialistic. Locals majorly earn their livelihood through farming of vegetables
  •  Evening is spent in the lap of nature stargazing the sky full of stars, along with the bonfire, slow music, and dinner that includes locally grown seasonal vegetables.
  •  We have made sure that you get the best stay arrangements in this beautiful settlement in tents that can accommodate 2 or 3 people. You can admire the serenity of the location from your tent till you fall asleep before the next adventurous day begins.
  •  The second day starts with witnessing the scenic sunrise where you witness nature at its best and sun coming up from Dhauladhaar ranges and people starting their routine. You will be served your morning tea with the breakfast that includes Paratha with curd or omelet with tea.
  •  Return trek to Billing starts at around 10:30 AM which is of nearly 12 KMs and takes around 3-4 hours. The natural beauty along the route makes sure that this effort is worth of.
  •  Stop at Chana Pass: Chana Pass is a spot that offers a breathtaking view of the valley that you just trekked a day before, here you can allow yourself to loosen up a bit, munch on the snacks before setting on for Billing.
  •  Final leg of the Trek: As you approach Billing, you will witness the paragliders at nearly 2500 meters up in the sky, having time of their life, making adrenaline rushing twists and turns in the air as they twirl their chutes.
  •  Billing is popular as the highest paragliding point in India, here you will have the option to conclude your trek most incredible manner by taking off from a glider and land at the landing site in Bir with our professional pilots of over 5000+ hours of experience, or take the cab to Bir if you want the ride back to be silent, calming your adrenaline rush down after two most adventurous and amazing days


  • Breakfast at Rajgundha + Packed Refreshment at Channa Pass
  • Transportation
  • Lunch at Barot Valley
  • Bonfire
  • Dinner at Rajgundha
  • Optional Extras(Chargeable) Paragliding from Billing to Bir
  • Tea & snacks on arrival at Rajgundha
  • Professional guide throughout the trip


  • Booking is subjected to weather conditions on the day of the trek. Zostel won't be responsible for the cancellation of escape to unforeseen circumstances. The entire amount would be refunded for the same in the case of cancellation due to bad weather.
  • The minimum number of people required for this escape to happen is 3, otherwise, any deposit will be refunded.
  • Maximum number of people per batch is limited to 10
  • The food served on the escape would be vegetarian; Please carry your own water bottles.


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