Welcome To Zo Mafia

Where it all started: Mafia History

Mafia is a saga of the innocent and the wicked, of trust and mistrust, of togetherness and conflict. What began as a small psychology research gimmick at a high school in Russia, soon won the hearts of gamers across the globe. And in the 30-some years of its invention, Mafia already has hundreds of different versions, rules, and ideologies. With Zo Mafia, we welcome you to our very own version of the legendary game!

Meet the characters

The Village of Rampur

This is a land forever under dispute, where the most savage Indian Mafias reside. When the night arrives, they get to work. Mornings begin with the Godfather announcing the death of a Villager, and it becomes the prime duty of the Villagers, the Detective, and the Healer to hunt the bastards down.

Godfather (God)

The omnipresent entity of the Village of Rampur, Zo Godfather knows the good, the bad, and the ugly of this land. His role is not to give justice, but to keep the Mafia World spinning, by coordinating in harmony with the different characters of this game.

Godfather sees it all.
Be it the Mafias' mischief or the villagers' innocence, the Godfather sees it all.

Zo Mafia (Mafia)

Pure evil geniuses, Zo Mafia play it dirty, aiming to establish their rule on the Village of Rampur. From killing the innocent during the night to parading as a villager in the daytime and misleading everyone, their job is as exciting as it is scandalising.

Mafias run this game.
Like it or not, Mafias are the unsaid stars of this game.

Detective (our very own investigator)

The Detective awakens each night after the Mafias have done their crime, investigating about Zo Mafia with the Godfather. If they’re able to catch one of the Mafia members with their guess, it becomes their duty to guide the Villagers to the right path under their guise.

Only detectives can save villagers from the terrible fate of the Mafias.
Only Detectives have the power to save innocent villagers from the fate of the evil Mafias.

Villager (Residents)

The innocent majority of the Village of Rampur, villagers either save their community or push it towards hell until every one of them is found dead. Their judgement, sense of surroundings, and logic strength make the game tight and thrilling.

Innocent Villagers of Rampur
Although innocent, Villagers have the power to rule out Mafias with unity!

Healer (the sole-saviour)

A silent saviour with a whimsical superpower, the healer can save the Village of Rampur one night at a time. Playing against the mafia, the sixth sense of the healer proves to be a trump card for the game.

Healers are god-sent angels.
Healers are the saviours of the innocent, who fall prey to the cunningness of the Mafias.

A Player’s Guide to Zo Mafia

Getting used to the interface

  1. You can host a game for your friends and yourself by clicking on ‘Host a Room’. If you are joining as a player with somebody’s invite, you are required to join the table by clicking on ‘Join via Code’ and declare your presence by clicking on ‘I’m Ready’.
  2. Once six or more players gather around the Zo table, the game host can begin the adventurous game of Zo Mafia by simply clicking on ‘Start Game’ on their screen.
  3. The game will be overlooked by Zo Godfather, the all-powerful entity of the Village of Rampur, who is not a player, but an inbuilt and automized game character.
  4. The game will run on a timer of 30 minutes covering 4 rounds, within which the players will have to wrap up. In addition to these 30 minutes, each player will be allotted two extensions of 30 seconds each for the daytime rounds. They can use these if they think the wrong player is being sent for lynching or need some extra time to make a decision. A player can use only one extension card per round.

Who’s Who? (Identity Round)

One card will be distributed per player on the table. When you click on your respective card, you will exclusively find out your identity for the game.

In the game of Zo Mafia, you will be a citizen of the Village of Rampur, with your role either being that of a Villager, a Zo Mafia, a Healer, or a Detective. You will have 60 seconds to memorise your role before the game begins.

Midnight Mischief (Night-time Rounds)

These rounds will last a minute.


During this period, Zo Mafia should be careful not to let their secret out by talking. The audio will be ON for all players, and Zo Mafia will be required to make their choice of killing on their screen without raising suspicion amongst the villagers. Once all Zo Mafia have given their vote, the identity of the Mafia will be revealed to each other only, on their respective screen.


According to your role, you will be asked to make choices on your personal screens. Zo Mafias press the button to vote whom to assassinate. The Detective, on their screen, will have the option to investigate the identity of a player of their liking, by clicking on their profile. And the Healer gets to save one individual by voting on their personal screen, unknowing whether they are a Villager or a part of the Zo Mafia.

Godfather’s roleplay:

If the votes by the Zo Mafias to assassinate a Villager do not match, one of the 2 victims will be chosen at random and killed after the time is up.

Morning Madness (Daytime Rounds)

The sun rises at the Village of Rampur with the news of a murder.

In each daytime round, players on the table will be given 5 minutes to raise their suspicions. 90 seconds into this round, the voting buttons will be unlocked, and players will be able to nominate their proposed Zo Mafias for lynching.

Once the time is up, the player with the majority of votes against them will be taken to the execution grounds of the Village of Rampur. Here, their player identity will be revealed by Godfather before they are silenced for life.

If there’s a tie between the vote against two players, one of the 2 will be selected at random and executed, with their player identity being revealed.

The Endgame

A maximum of 4 rounds will be conducted (daytime & night-time combined), and through the course of the game, 4 of the 7 players will be assassinated or lynched.

The remaining 3 could either be villagers in victory or the Zo Mafia in successful rule over the Village of Rampur.

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Zo Mafia Rules

The mysterious world of Zo Mafia runs on a few rules written in stone. As much as you have the liberty to shape the rest, here are some you cannot change:

· The Zo Mafia playroom runs on a timer of 30 minutes, with two cards of an additional 30 seconds allotted to each player as SOS. A player can only use one of their extension cards per round.

· Just like any other democracy, every player is granted a single vote which he/she can use per round. However, if you wish not to vote for either of the two accused players, you have the right to abstain from voting for that round.

· The ultimate solution to ties between 2 accused players here is random lynching.

· In the daytime, each player is free to accuse any other player. During the night, Villagers shall refrain from talking and introducing unnecessary confusion.

· Only those who are called to talk/answer by the Godfather shall do so at night.

· If a player receives votes in the majority, they will be lynched out of the game and their player identity will be revealed. After their lynching, they will not be allowed to participate in the game any further.

· Avoid playing a single game with multiple names.

· Refrain from editing or deleting votes. Stay true to your word.

· Once dead/replaced, do not post in an on-going game. Never reveal anything you know.

· Since this game is largely based on psychological manipulation, we expect all sorts of heated conversations and slurs, but hey, don’t end up breaking your device or a friendship out of frustration!

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