To Delhi or Not to Delhi?!

Delhi (/ˈdɛli/, Hindustani pronunciation: [dɪlliː] Dilli), officially the National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT), is a city and a union territory of India containing New Delhi, the capital of India.


Dear Reader,

As I sit down and write about Delhi to later share it with you, I am in my balcony with a cup of hot tea on 22nd Jan as the rain is pouring here in Gurgaon, making the weather even colder.

What do I even start with it?
Why would somebody, NOT want to come and experience a city, state, capital, some km², too many human beings, too many religions, such beautiful monuments, so many forts, many more stories after reading ONE SINGLE BLOG? (बहुत न इंसाफ़ी है!)

Let's start with what makes Delhi, DELHI!
(This might not help you at all, but pays my bills!)

1) The people!!

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This little city of 1,484 km² is home to almost 25 million people, from a different social, religious, political and financial background. And co-existing, HAPPILY.
(हम साथ साथ है!)

2) Food


We Dilliwalas are so proud of this one!  See we have everything.. from Chinese to North Indian or French to Thai and South India and American and Italian and so much.  You name we have it, from vegan to gluten-free and healthy to not-so-healthy foods.


We have some of our own stupid versions of these cuisines as well, that taste AMAZING!!  (खाओ पीयो ऐश करो मित्रो!)

3) Shopping - चीप थ्रिल्स


The vibrant atmosphere of Delhi markets can make shopping lots of fun. In fact, Delhi has the best markets in India, selling a huge array of items including handicrafts from all over the country. These top markets in Delhi are a treasure trove of goods waiting to be discovered. (Please visit Sarojini Nagar or Janpath for Clothes, And Daryaganj for BOOKS!)

4) We got some good public transport- DTC(AC/Non AC) or METRO. And our auto drivers do go to places, we want them to go!  (फिरसे बोलू? )


5) Monuments and Forts -
यादगार दीवारें , मस्जिद - मंदिर साथ है।
निशानियां तो है इतनी की घूमते रह जाओगे!


Delhi has stood mute witness to the rise and fall of many kings and empires, big and small, from time to time. Many of these kings have left their footprints on time, through building various monuments and forts. The famed Indraprastha, of the Pandavas, is believed to have been located at the same site where the Old Fort of Delhi stands today. (We got some deep stuff!)

I am so proud to be a Delhiite, as we actually experience harmony and togetherness here, we don't brag about things and sit back, we make it a concern at Jantar Mantar!
We wake up early morning to greet the winter birds at Yamuna Ghat.
We shop those books from Daryaganj and bargain as much as we could!

We have great authentic Indian food or one can find outstanding western restaurants. There are modern malls and even amusement parks. New Delhi also has its fair share of ancient ruins and landmarks and museums. There is plenty here for everyone, Then why not Delhi?!


I won't give out requests here to please come and visit us. But it's something you will regret not doing because when your best friend will enjoy here with us and you will have to hit a like on her picture.

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An Open-invite to each and everyone who thinks, why should one visit Delhi, from a Delhi girl who feels safe here!

Crafted By, Anushka Arora