Why Zostel!

Once a upon a time you were naked, so was I, so was everyone. But then one man was not man enough and decided to cover up. That simple act changed how everyone dressed. Nude was not cool anymore and it changed everyone.

965,134 years after that incident, a few drunken men were carrying a big square rock for no reason and one of them let it fall down.
The result was a broken edged rock, and after few more such incidents we almost had the first version of wheel and that changed how we moved. From the first cart to Tesla cars, it changed everything.

5,131 years later, some guy was flying a kite, another one was trying hard for light and few others were breaking windows with apples and they all together changed everything, again. From light bulb to light emitting diode, computers to mobile phones to tablets, they changed our needs, they changed us.

We have a simple vision, to change the way you travel. You travel less. You don’t make new friends. You travel more for the Facebook photos than for yourself. You empty your wallets for your stay rather than experience. You go the same places your friends went and do the same things your cousins did, and now we can’t take it anymore. We want to change the way you travel.

As much as we would like to do it overnight, it’s going to be a difficult journey. I am sure when the first wheel was invented, people killed the guy to death for breaking the rock. But then again when you go against the wind, it’s slow, but you get to feel the breeze – it’s the time you feel alive. There’s one life, and you got to Live it. Now  When you have a big dream, you can’t start off from what is there and make iterations to it – you’ve to do the dirty work yourself. You take the first step, keep your head down and start placing the bricks one after another. We have placed the first brick of this wall. Zostel is the place where we would have loved to stay, so rather than cribbing about it, we are going to build it and build it in every corner of our country because you’ve a lot to see in India before making that Euro Trip.

We are here to listen to you, so experience Zostel and tell us how we can improve it. We want to know what you want and we want to incorporate it fast in all Zostels, because it’s not just our dream, it’s yours as well. We are following our hearts, and living our life, you too need to Live it. Now!

Writer, DV.