5 Weekend Getaways from Bangalore (2019) UPDATED

People of Bengaluru work very hard throughout the week. More than the work, the traffic on the streets is what drains out their energy. They deserve their weekends more than anyone. But how should they make the most of these two days to unwind enough to bear the brunt of another hectic week?


It is the answer to many of our problems these days, including the ones people of Bengaluru face on a daily basis. However, Bengaluru is lucky for it is surrounded by all kinds of picturesque destinations around it.

If you’re living in Bengaluru, here are some of the places you can escape to on weekends-

1- Coorg-

Time to reach- 5 hours

Best way to reach- Bus or car


Coorg is a quaint hill station in Karnataka, away from the city noises and carpeted with coffee plantations. The cool breeze is an added advantage for the city dwellers looking to escape for a weekend and refresh themselves.

While you’re there, you should not miss Dubare Elephant Camp, Nagarhole National Park, and Waterfalls. To check out what all you can do in Coorg, have a look at-

Best Things to do in Coorg

Check out the Zostel in the Wilderness at Coorg

Zostel Coorg (15).jpeg

2- Kochi-

Time to Reach- 10 hours by road, 1 hour by flight

Best way to reach- Bus or flight


Source: gtcholiday.files.wordpress.com

Kochi, or the ‘Gateway to God’s Own Country-Kerala, as it is popularly called is a place where centuries of histories meet. It has been influenced by the Dutch, the Portuguese, and the English in some way or the other and Kochi now represents the remnants of those bygone eras.

For a backpacker with an interest in history, this is the perfect weekend getaway.

To see what all you can do in Fort Kochi, check out-

Things to do in Fort Kochi

Know more about the Zostel in God's Own Country

exterior Main Building.jpeg

3- Ooty-

Time to Reach- 8 hours by road, 9 hours by bus

Best way to reach- Car or bus


A quaint hill station in Karnataka, Ooty attracts travelers and tourists from all over the country looking to spend their days with nothing but green grass and blue skies. While you're there, make sure you take a ride on the toy train. The sceneries would be unparalleled on the way. The train is also marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To see what all you can explore while in Ooty, check- Up Above in the Blue Mountains

Have a look at the Zostel in the Blue Mountains


4- Gokarna-

Time to reach- 8.5 hours by road

Best way to reach- Bus or car

Mouthshut.com Gokarna.jpg

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If you love a serene walk by the beaches and try to avoid the crowded ones, you should skip Goa and head to Gokarna instead. The relatively unexplored city in Karnataka is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in India. While you’re there, don’t miss the trek that connects 5 of its prime beaches.

Have a look at what this traveler had to say about her first visit to Zostel Gokarna-

First Zostel Experience

Admire the beach from a cliff at Zostel Gokarna

5- Chikmagalur-

Time to Reach- 5 hours by road

Best way to reach- Bus or car


Source- trekkerpedia.com

Chikmagalur, or the ‘Coffee land of India’ is the first place in India where coffee was planted. Imagine waking up to an aroma of coffee every day! However, Chikmagalur is more than just acres of coffee plantations all around. You can take a trek to the highest peak in Karnataka and enjoy waterfalls in the wilderness. See what all you can do while you’re in Chikmagalur-

Chikmagalur Travel Guide

Check out the Zostel in the middle of a Coffee Plantation


Writer, Siddharth Juneja.