6 Things to do in Kodaikanal (2019) Updated

Set up in a sanatorium in 1845 by the American Madura Mission, Kodai holds a unique distinction. It happens to be the only hill station in India to be established by the Americans.

Most of the tourist entertainment in the town is centred around the starfish shaped lake, which forms Kodai's nucleus.

Couples take the customary boat ride, little ones scream for the horse ride around the lake and we negotiate with taxi drivers for a day trip of Kodai's 16-Sights-Tour.

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The town is a maze of churches, restaurants, hotels, touts and homemade signs advertising homemade chocolates.

Like electrons in a tightly packed atom, you keep colliding against the same people so often that you even do away with the customary smile.

But look beyond the facade and you'll find another dimension to Kodai.

Things to do

Its ideal of you have your own vehicle, otherwise a taxi-ride or hired bicycles are good options to explore Kodai. If you have the luxury of time, walking unfolds the beauty of Kodai at a more leisurely pace. To a bird watcher, the region offers many species, like Kodai White Bellied Short-wing.

The nature trail

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No sightseeing tour of Kodai can commence without the customary amble down Coaker's walk, a steip of paved road on the steep souteastern mountainside.

Equipped with an Observatory, the 1-km walk offers great views.

Just opposite, there's Bryant park, a botanical garden set up by a British forest officer.

The road meanders past Green Valley View Point and winds 7 km to Kodai's most popular attraction, Pillar Rocks - a 400 ft high vertical column of three rocks.

Kodai's most popular waterfall is Silver Cascade, A 7 km outside town, formed by the backwaters of Kodai Lake.

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Also check, Bambar, Glen and Fairy Falls, Bear Shola Falls.

Getting high

The Kurinji Andavar Temple is dedicated to Lord Mururgan. Kurinji is Tamil for 'Hilly Region' and Andavar is 'God'.

'Murugan is the God of the Hills.'

The purple blue flowers of the Kurinji carpet the slopes of the temple, which offers spectacular views of The Palani Hills, the plains and the Vaigai Dam.

Another spectacular vantage point is Perumal Peak, 12km from Kodai and the highest peak in Kodai Holls at 7,874 ft - the only legit way to get high.

Lakeside Attraction

A walk around Kodai Lake (5Km) takes around 45 minutes.

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The flat road is also an ideal cycling track.

Boats are available in single/double, pedal/row/shikara and half hourly/hourly combinations, and can be hired at nominal rates from the Kodaikanal Boat and Rowing Club.

Also,checkout Shembaganur Museum.

Where to eat?

Most of the eating joints are located on Hospital Road.

Fay's Confectionary is legendary for its pastries.

Another place worth a mention is Eco Nut, where you can pick up fresh brown bread, cheese and organic food.

The busy market area is littered with shops selling an assortment of bhajjis, parottas and south Indian staple. You will also find some really cool and modest cafe that serve pizza and pasta too!

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Special mention to Beri Jam

A beautiful reservoir amid dense forests and acacia and pine, Beri-Jam is a protected area and can be reached after a scenic trek.

The combined threat of wildlife and shroom-pickers has resukted in regulated entry.

You need permission from the DFO,District Forest Officer to visit.

It is worth the trouble.

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