The Zostel Poem!

Anurag, a very passionate Zosteler wrote this poem and reading it should give you an idea about Zostel and why we think you'll like it! This is just the trailer...main picture is when you come here and experience it for yourself ;)

You set out for adventure and accommodation looking for a hostel,

Beware! Be warned! You're going to fall in love with our Zostel!

You wonder why? In your curious mind, we can see those cogs are turning,

We are telling you right now, to Zostel you will be returning!

Because outside, you are polite strangers with a smile as your greeting,

Once inside, you're friends for life, after a single common room meeting.

Innumerable travellers,  and just as many stories,

Worn with pride, these words are timeless glories.

Where are you from? You might have the answer in a single word,

Rest assured when you leave, you'll be a citizen of the world.

Coffee and conversations on the terrace on a wintry night,

Fellow travellers with their experiences tempting you to take flight.

You travel light, be happy memories don't weigh a dime,

When you're among friends here, you won't feel time.

Sure, you planned your stay for just one night,

But you'll be back again soon. Aren't we right?

Writer, Anurag.