TeenRomanchakYaar take on the Rickshaw Run

Move over, monster trucks. Bye bye, big bikes. See you later, boring SUV. Say hello to our humble yet insanely awesome rickshaw. How does a road trip through the subcontinent on 3 wheels with 3 crazy friends sound? Join Ryan Brown, Rutavi Mehta and Derek Freal on their roller coaster ride of a journey and get inspired!

What is the Rickshaw Run?

Derek & Ryan (from United States) along with Rutavi, are part of a 2-week long 3,000 km race in a rickshaw! They will be going from Jaisalmer to Shillong on the 6th till the 18th of April across the worst traffic and terrain that India can throw at them! They are all professional travel bloggers with a large following online and reputations of inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. Rutavi, in particular, is already well known in India for her work in and with the travel/tourism industry.

The Rickshaw Run is organised by The Adventurists, who also organize the Mongol Rally. In 2013, 74 teams started in the 2013 spring run in Kochi, in the south western corner of the country. The teams that went the central route travelled more than 4000km in their rickshaws on some of the worst roads in India. Along with them, more than 50 plus international teams would be a part of this race.

Who is in the team Teen Romanchak Yaar?

This trio of travellers and adventurers consists of Derek, who runs The HoliDaze, Ryan, who is the mind behind Lost Boy Memoirs and the first Indian girl joining Rickshaw Run, Rutavi Mehta who tells stories through Photo Katha.

More about the author, Rutavi Mehta

Travel Blogger & Consultant by passion and social medial expert by profession, she runs the community blog called Photo Katha where she talks about her local experiences regarding travel & lifestyle. Quoted in various magazines & newspapers for being  a female Indian motorcyclist. Recently, she did her Everest Base Camp trek, for the NDTV Good Times show which will be airing on every Saturday & Sunday. Here is a teaser!

Crafted By, Rutavi Mehta