Stop being the Lucky Dog!

Hey Zostelers

Today is World Tourism Day, but a day for Travel is just too less and Zostel has decided to dedicate a whole week to celebrate the spirit of Travel. Yet, why limit to Travel, when life’s so much more, we’ll celebrate Life.

Then again, isn’t Life to Live every moment, and If you’re not the Lucky dog who’ll Live it now, then who would?

Why you’re the Lucky Dog everyone’s bitching about?

You won not 1, not 2, but 3 lotteries in your young life.

You won the Family Lottery even before you were born. You got a family which was there for you when you were growing up, you kept bitching about them, but they made sure you’re what you’re today, qualified enough to read this on a computer, you think you did that all by yourself? Slow Clap! My dear friend, come back to reality, try being the kid who had guns to shoot his family when he was 7 years old and we’ll talk over it. That wasn’t enough obviously!

You also won the Genetic Lottery, the day you step into a college, 80% chances are you’re already more qualified than 80% of people in our country, I don’t want to get into IIT/IIM %iles obviously you’re so proud of it that it gives you orgasms in wide afternoons, I don’t think I need to repeat how Lucky you were to get where 1 in 100 makes it. But, why stop there?

You also went on to win Friends Lottery, have a look around you, the moment you have an issue, there are these people standing right next to you to help you out. Ask our friends, they know How much Zostel has already taken from their savings, after all they are our friends :D

You need to stop smiling though, cause winning these 3 lotteries meant you have everything that is needed to create an impact, to create just a small dent in this universe, if not us? then who? If not you then who will lead the rest of 99% of people?

You might’ve heard “If you don’t build your dreams, then someone else will hire you to build theirs” I don’t mind building a dream as long as it’s for a change, I am not going to work my ass off for a dream that is only big enough as bank balance. Unfortunately,most dreams are limited to that.

When you won those lotteries, you were destined for being the element of change. Stop being the Dog that follows poop on poles, take charge, take control, take risk, listen to your heart, it’s now or never!

When you play on a poker table you play to win it all, you don’t limp your way to a championship, you smash that ball, it either gets you point or hits the net, You ask her out, you don’t dream that she’ll dream about you, you get your balls and tell her, stop lying to yourself that you’ll be working here few more years and then you’ll follow your dream life, cause that ain’t coming corporate whore, you’ll have more EMI then your bonded labor cozy ass will ever repay.

“Be poor with money, Be rich with happiness” – Your Heart, listen to it, for once!

I wish somebody else would have won those lotteries, somebody who would have courage to look into mirror and tell himself, why he’s living the life he is? Answer that to yourself, and then ask when will you cash out? Tell me or just be the greedy dog which keeps buying lotteries of promotions, appraisals, jobs, paychecks.

Good Luck, after all you’ll need it.

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Let us know, if you’re living the dream :)

Live it. Now!

Writer, DV.