21 Tips to Stay Healthy during your Vacation

Coronavirus. It’s on everyone’s mind right now, especially for those who travel internationally. Business and pleasure trips are being cancelled. People don’t want to get into enclosed spaces like aeroplanes, don’t want to attend large gatherings, and are trying to figure out how to stay safe and healthy. 

Coronavirus is a serious concern, of course. But in the broader sense, the whole concept of staying healthy while travelling for pleasure is important. No one wants to get sick during their precious vacation time, no matter what the cause. 

Here are real and practical tips to keep yourself healthy when you travel.

Air Travel

There are several tips here.

1. Wear socks when you go through airport security. Sweaty bare feet will pick up germs.

2. Avoid touching things that others touch – faucets, the bathroom doorknob on the plane, etc.

3. You cannot avoid everything that might have germs in airports and planes, but you can take precautions. Wash hands; carry wipes.

4. There are germs in the air – you cannot avoid them. So, take some proactive, preventive measures. Taking vitamin C, getting plenty of rest in advance, and using a saline nasal spray before boarding will help (air in planes is very dry, and keeping those mucus membranes moistened can help).

5. Pillows and blankets are no longer provided for free anymore. Even so, don’t “rent” either. Bring your own neck pillow and use your own sweater or stuff a small blanket in your carryon. And bring your own headphones too, if you intend to watch a movie.

6. Remember, germs get into your body through your orifices. Don’t forget your eyes. If you have germs on your hands and then rub your eyes, they have gained entry.

Cruise Ships

Many of the same precautions should be taken on cruise ships. The most common illness on ships is the norovirus, the stomach flu that usually lasts a couple of days. Still, two days sick out of a vacation is a bummer. In addition to the precautions that you take on airplanes, here are a few extra things:

7. Because viruses hang around on inanimate objects for a long time, hand washing is even more important than on planes.

8. If you are really concerned, you can bring along an antiseptic bomb and set it off in your cabin.

9. Avoid close contact with others who appear sick, are coughing, etc., and do notify crew members if you believe someone is genuinely ill, not just suffering from common sea-sickness which can also be a short-term problem.

Once You Have Arrived

You should take the same precautions with a hotel room, restaurants, bars, etc. that you do normally – washing hands, avoiding people who appear to be ill, etc.

There’s a lot to see and do in new places, especially if you are visiting some off-beat locations that allow a more authentic experience. To avoid illnesses while you are there, here are some additional tips:

Physical Care

10. Pace yourself. You can’t do it all in a day or two. Either cut what you are going to see or extend the stay.

11. Walk as much as possible. This will give you great exercise and you will definitely sleep better at night.

12. Stay hydrated. If you will be walking a lot, always carry water with you.


13. Protect your skin. More than one traveller has lost at least a day of fun because of a terrible sunburn. If you are in a very dry climate, have plenty of a moisturizer. If you are in a tropical climate with bugs, use repellant.

14. Maintain any physical fitness routine you may have at home. If your job regularly, plan time for it; if you work out, use the hotel gym. If there is no gym, use the pool for some regular swimming.

Preventing Illness

15. Keep up a good routine of eating and sleeping. Immune systems remain healthy when the body is nourished and rested.

16. Tourist attractions can be crowded places, and you may be in close quarters. Be certain to use a face mask in such places. And if you have touched a lot of public things, wash hands or use a hand sanitizer before touching your face and, of course, before eating.

17. Spend as much time outdoors as possible. Fresh air moving about tends to keep germs at bay.

18. If you regularly take vitamins and supplements, keep them up while on vacation. They can assist in keeping immune systems intact too

Food and Drink

19. Watch what you eat. While most restaurants patronized by tourists are cleanly and prepare food properly, your stomach may rebel against very different foods, and upsets and diarrhoea can occur. Make sure you have some over-the-counter medication for such things.

20. Go for more veggies and fruits and less meat.

21. If you plan a night of clubbing, drink plenty of water before going and eat a good meal. If you plan to drink a lot, drink water during the night too. Hangovers are no fun when you have to miss a day of sightseeing.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy

Vacations are a respite from your normal, everyday life. And they need to be the experiences that are just amazing. Nothing could be worse than getting ill during this precious time. Take the right precautions and you’ll have a healthy time.

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Daniela McVicker is a freelance writer, blogger, and contributor to Topwritersreview. She graduated from Durham University and has an MA in psychological science. Her passion is travelling and finding ways to enrich students’ learning experience.

Writer, Daniela McVicker.