The Spirit of Zostel

“There is this place, where I can go

When I feel low, when I feel blue

And it’s my mind; there is no time when I am alone.”

When Sir Paul McCartney wrote this song, it was about the influence of drugs on his consciousness. It was also about the addiction for music and its powerful upshot on even the most trivial issues of his life. For him, his addiction was  subject to exploration and an object to upkeep.

Addiction is indeed a dissertation. Everybody has one in his/her life. Some crave for basic conveniences like food, shelter and clothes, some crave for money, some for love, some for power & fame, but the most powerful of obsessions is the craving for being oneself. This compulsion is commanding because it is guarded by the wall of societal authenticity. Our hunger for legitimacy guides our every action. We drive our ideas of work, love, friendship, food, fun, travel, hobbies, fashion, and community on this toxic foundation of social acceptance. While we want to give ourselves up to the passion of being our true self but the thoughts about what the neighbors will think? How parents will react? Will the friends approve? Will the boss agree? Will the girl like? Will the society accept? And many more such self-interrogations trap our existence into something that is entirely not us.

Being true to oneself and finding our precise reflection is not an easy thing but were you ever told that it would be easy? There is no such thing as a free lunch in this world. Life takes a price for every moment of happiness it offers. It takes some courage to demand a dream from this life and Zosteling is precisely about that act of valor. Zosteling is about breaking the barriers of compressed thinking and be free. Zosteling is about that tiny idea that keeps you motivated in your life. Zosteling is the struggle and the triumphant feeling of realizing that idea. Zosteling is about pushing boundaries. It is our own unique individual way to view this world. It is about dancing for long and free, singing loud and cheerful tunes, travelling to far and unplugged places, connecting with passion and respect, making new friends and giving unconditional love, and expressing truth with honesty and fearlessness. Zosteling is about deceiving the sands of time and always feeling young. Zosteling is about the rush of youthful energy that flows within each of us. Zosteling is what makes us fight for our dreams and makes us survivors, the Zostelers. Zosteling is about living every moment to the fullest and living it now. While living our passions, sometime we might fall but the spirit of a Zosteler lifts us. That spirit is Zosteling.

Zosteling is a journey which from right now, we together embark upon. Zosteling is a promise that we do to ourselves and for that we now take an oath of lifelong Zosteling. There might be desolations in our life. There might be shadows creeping on our dreams. We’ll turn on the lights. We won’t let our true self die in darkness. Not today, not tomorrow and not ever in future. We’ll fight. We’ll live. We’ll fly. We’ll be Zosteler for life. Let the journey of a Zosteler begin.

Writer, DV.