How to Make the Most of Your Travels: Post-Lockdown Safety Tips

What a weird time, don’t you think? Summer plans of 2020 have been replaced with throwback travel photos over Instagram and outside activities have been substituted by literally anything that keeps you going in your own house. As we constantly struggle with COVID-19, we notice that it has already begun to lose its grasp over India after a 2-month nationwide lockdown. But with that silver lining, is it safe to travel fearlessly again? Sadly, not entirely. But baby steps can only help us gain our stride back as an active travel community, and with that being said Zostel is taking some of its own by opening up for business to serve travellers again!

With Unlock 1 bringing about some relaxation upon us, there is a silver lining for travellers too. But I guess it’s needless to say that travelling still remains a tricky business. So how to go about it? How to ensure fulfilling the desires of your heart, without compromising your health? Here’s how, with a little help from our end.


While people have their own doubts regarding travel in such times, experts say that flying might be the safest mode of long-distance travel for now.

Despite countless measures taken by the government and airlines together to curb the spread of COVID-19, what are some measures YOU can take as an individual? Here’s a little direction from us:

  1. Web check-ins are mandatory before you get on-board. They are quicker and also help prevent unnecessary physical contact with flight/airport personnel.
  2. Be prepared to not eat anything through the course of your flight. Have a filling meal before you onboard, or better, before you enter the airport.
  3. Carry a safety kit with you at all times containing an extra mask, pair of gloves, hand sanitizer and a face shield.
  4. I guess it’s stating the obvious but wear a mask and gloves at all times. Respect other people’s personal space and you’ll come through.
  5. If eating at the airport, try purchasing only packed and sealed food items to avoid any risk of contamination.
  6. Sanitize your seating station before resorting to its comfort.
  7. Since scanning passengers for possible symptoms takes time, be patient with the authorities. You will only speed up the process if you cooperate.
  8. Avoid using in-flight washrooms and be very cautious while using public washrooms at the airport.
  9. Airport safety is a different ball game altogether. Practice social distancing at all times!
Travel safety tips by Zostel
Travel tips to not compromise on safety are our best bet against the virus. Design by Shriya Manaktala.


The lifeline of Indian travellers, Indian Railways have come up with their own safety measures. And since railway stations happen to be one of the most crowded public places in any city, taking necessary steps as an individual to avoid any tragedy is of utmost importance.

Zostel’s advice to all travellers whose travel plans involve train journeys in the near future would be:

  1. Don’t wander off. Some of us are used to getting down at every station, excited to see a new city at every stop. Avoid doing that since it not only increases the risk of you getting contaminated but the people around you too.
  2. Carry your own essentials. This includes food items, meals, toiletries, blankets and other things you need while travelling.
  3. Sharing is not caring, not in COVID-19 impacted times at least. Avoid sharing your food, personal belongings and anything else with fellow passengers.
  4. Only travel if you are completely asymptomatic. If you feel even slightly unwell, refrain from travelling. Be a responsible citizen.
  5. Make the hand sanitizer your new BFF. Rinse and rub every chance you get, especially after touching any surface.

Inter-state road travel

Buses, private taxis, and personal vehicles are a safer option, but necessary safety precautions must be followed to fully proof yourself against the virus:

  1. Avoid making unnecessary pit stops. If you happen to travel by a personal taxi/vehicle, try not to stop at every public convenience center. Plan in accordance to the duration of your travel beforehand.
  2. Since buses are public transport, practice social distancing at all times. Resort to sitting in marked seats only.
  3. Carry your shield of face mask, gloves, and hand sanitizers with you while travelling by bus. Remember it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  4. Since certain inter-state borders are still closed, you will have to apply for a permit to cross them. Prepare for the same beforehand and follow government rules while travelling to such areas.

Rules every Zosteler must follow

We once again open our gates to heartily welcome travellers onboard. All you have to do is visit our website to fulfill your dreams to travel with us again! But to be fully prepared, Zostel, with the help of its central and on-ground team, has curated a new set of rules to be followed by every traveller, keeping in mind the government issued guidelines. As you choose us to be your travel companion during such times, your safety is our utmost priority.

Sharing is not caring anymore

Be it your food, cup of chai, toiletries, towel or simply your bowl of maggi you enjoy having in the common room, do not share it with fellow travellers. This will only increase the risk of physical contact and can lead to contamination. Bring your own stuff and be safe.

Encourage cashlessness

We encourage all travellers to use cashless ways to transfer money to all businesses they use while travelling. From travel tickets to local cafes and local businesses to even staying at hostels, cashless transactions are not only more convenient but also reduce the risk of unnecessary personal contact.

Practice Social Distancing

We know you must’ve heard this a lot already but we cannot emphasise on it enough. Be it dormitories, common areas, rooftop cafes or group activities- make sure to socially distance yourself in every public space to keep yourself safe.

Common area rules for every Zosteler to follow.
Every Zosteler must follow public space etiquettes, be it the common areas or public washrooms. Design by Christopher Nazareth.

Sanitize everything

Before touching or getting in contact with public space surfaces such as common washrooms or the seating of the common areas, make sure to sanitize them. Safety sanitation kits will be available at the front desk for all travellers at minimum price, buy more in case you need more.

Zostel follows every safety protocol at all hostels.
Every traveller's safety is our priority and we're doing our best to ensure that. Design by Christopher Nazareth.

Cooperate with us

Keeping in mind the sanitation and hygiene of the hostels and homes, our on-ground staff and management will try their best to keep the surroundings safe for travellers. From checking temperature before check-ins to regular clean-ups through the properties, help us facilitate the new rules by cooperating with us. :)

International travel in current times

Our globalized and fast-paced world has been brought to a sudden halt by the coronavirus. While the lockdowns ease in different parts of the world, international travel is likely to remain on a dubious pause in the near future. As countries are trying to curb the sharpening of the curve for the second time, there is hardly any scope for a rapid reopening of the first. Unfortunately travelling abroad is going to be disrupted for a bit longer in our lives, according to experts.

All we can do is accept the ominous fate of international travel and continue our adventures to explore the best places domestically, following all the necessary precautions described above. It’s time to reset our expectations and make the best use of available resources.

Back in business

As Zostel attempts to normalize travelling again, we are keeping in mind every little detail for our travellers' safety. Combining the best sanitation techniques and a few essential pointers, we have created a safe space for our community.

  1. Social distancing dorms/rooms will ensure safety of Zostelers, while sharing space with each other.
  2. Travellers can now also book entire dorms (sanitized and cleaned daily) to enjoy travelling with their peers and avoid any outside contact.
  3. A blessing for digital nomads and all the creative folks, you can avail discounted rates for long-term stays with good WIFI. Zostel will make sure you have everything to work peacefully from our premises.
  4. All kinds of extended stays are welcome. From pocket-friendly prices to no long-term commitments, we are chucking every hassle that travellers usually face to improve their experience.
Facilities for Travellers by Zostel
If you're a work-from-home employee looking for a change, an artist looking for inspiration or simply a traveller who misses Zostel, book your favourite hostels with us!
Design by Christopher Nazareth.

Writer, Kanak Kundlani.