16 reasons to go on vacation (2019)

You know that vacation? *That* vacation that you’ve been putting off forever because you don’t have enough cash? *That* vacation you have been dreaming about for an eternity? Your Internet history contains more travel-porn than, ahem, the actual stuff. Then, what is stopping you from just pressing that ‘Book’ button? Time, money, leaves - all excuses! Here’s why you should spend your money on things that matter.

1. Because memories from a vacation last forever, and have no expiration date. Unlike material things, that is.

2. Because you’re young, hale and hearty. As the years go by, your energy resources will deplete. Sigh, if only we were ACP Pradyuman!

3. Because you’ve been dreaming of this for a long time. Make it your reality!

4. Because you can save up right now! Drop that 10th beer! Walk that road! You mostly have no commitments - take advantage.

5. Because you’ll learn so much. “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?” will finally have an answer - it’s real life, baby!

6. Because you’ll have stories to tell. That story about you trekking up a cliff face in Sri Lanka is much cooler than the time you had a food coma.

7. Because you might find yourself while you lose yourself. Epiphanies usually happen in beautiful, unknown places!

8. Because money can buy you happiness but only for a little while. After a point, you start craving something new, raw and real. Travel.

9. Because you change, grow and evolve as you travel. A swanky new gadget cannot be a part of you. An experience? Hell yeah!

10. Because even if something goes wrong, you learn how to deal with it. Sure, you might be in a pickle then, but 20 years later? You’ll know what you learnt.

11. Because you’ll meet people who’re completely different from you.

12. Because you're going to have conversations while under billions of stars or overlooking a mountain or staring at the beach. And those stay with you and become you.

13. Because you’ll regret not going later. And you don’t want that to happen.

14. Because being thrust into the unknown is the first step for getting out of that comfort zone/bed/couch/whatever you’re stuck to right now.

15. Because, perspective. Things that seemed liked big problems look small in front of the Taj Mahal. Do it!

16. Because it’s time to do something for yourself that matters!

Writer, Gaya.