Pushkar Camel Fair - A Beautiful Chaos Amidst Camels And The Happy People

Large grounds, humongous crowd and herds of cattle all around is the epic scene you witness when you are at the Pushkar Camel Fair. Also known as Pushkar Mela, it is one of the largest cattle fairs in the world. There are n number of camels, as far as your eyes can see.

About 10 kilometers away from Ajmer is the place Pushkar, where this huge amalgamation takes place. It is estimated that more than 2 lakh people from across the globe visit this interesting fair of camels and cattle. It is also claimed to be the best Camel Fair in the world. The fair comprises of mainly trading of the cattle, camel races and a plethora of art and culture.

The Pushkar Mela is held for 5 days every year from Kartik ekadashi to Kartik purnima. This year it will take place from 18th November to 25th November.

There are many traders who come from far away places to have a better deal of their cattle and they wait for this time all round the year. The selling of the cattle on Kartik purnima or the last day of the fair is considered to be very auspicious. You will find large number of camels, all decorated with beautiful paintings and other accessories. It’s a treat to watch the camels all decked up and in their best avatar.


Apart from the trading, there are many other activities that take place on ground. From the tug of war to the camel races, you get to enjoy every bit of this fest to its fullest! People from all over the world enjoy many other competitions of tying the turban, the game of kabaddi and much more! There is also a cultural fair of music and dance, with numerous stalls of handicrafts and ethnic jewelry.

When at Pushkar, taking some time off from the chaos and fair, you can also take a walk along the ghats of Pushkar Lake. Pushkar Lake is a beautiful place where you can feel the spiritual energies taking you over. On the last day of the fair, i.e. Kartik Poornima, there are many people who take a holy dip in the lake the day is marked as auspicious. It is the holy place to worship Lord Brahma, who is considered as the creator of the universe.Pushkar is also the place where the only Brahma Temple of India is located.

So this November, all you need to experience is the triumphant journey of the cattle through trading, the chaos amidst the crowd and the myriad colors of the ethnic culture that the fair showcases!

Crafted By, Prachi Karnawat