7 Places to Visit after a Breakup (2019)

Well, you've eaten all the chocolate ice-cream you can stomach, you've mentally noted down all the areas that you cannot go for fear of running into that person and you consider the soundtrack of Aashiqui 2 to be the background music of your life right now. Yes, it is a tough time. But you know what you need right now? No, not more ice-cream, but a vacation! Does that sound exciting?

Well, that escalated quickly.

Anyway, what kind of a vacation? Well, take your pick from the following 7!

Pondicherry (for the love of beaches)

Pondicherry or Pondy, will transport you to a French state of mind. Say hello to clean and cobble-stoned streets, french food and the lovely sea air. Did we mention that there are no taxes on the alcohol here? That's the (Pondi)cherry on top.

Goa (for the love of parties)

Pretty much self-explanatory. Where the beer is cheaper than the water, where you can spend an hour per party and still not visit all the places...beach please, do you even need a reason to go here?

Leh Ladakh (for the love of enticing views and bikes tours)

You knew this was coming, didn't you? The stunning beauty of this place will blow your mind to such an extent, you won't have the grey cells left to think about anything else. Take your bike, and go for a ride, one that you will actually like :P Ex who?

Himalayas (for the love of mountains)

Go trekking in the Mighty One, and all of a sudden your problems will start to look as small as an item song's duration in a movie. With that stunning view all around, you will have a crystallizing moment of clarity...there is so much more to life! Plus, imagine how cool your display picture is gonna look :P

Rishikesh (for the love of adventure)

Want to get that adrenaline up and pumping...what better than to go river rafting (in the Ganges), waterfall trekking, rock climbing, cliff jumping, kayaking, canoeing in Rishkesh? You can also burn off all the extra calories from the excessive beer and ice-cream, as a pleasant consequence.

Hampi (for the love of history)

Go away! Get lost! If those words sound similar to anything anyone else said, it's purely coincidental. We meant, get lost in the beauty of Hampi. The ruins are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You'll go back in time, to the time of empires and dynasties and completely forget about the (recent) past.

Sikkim (for the love of everything)

There is something for everyone over here in Sikkim! Are you a nature lover? Be awed by the flora. Animal lover? No dearth of fauna. Adventure lover? Go for a yak safari. Food lover? Momo lelo. Spirituality lover? Beautiful monasteries are there too! Pity relationships aren't this perfect :P

Writer, Gaya.