Meet Lonely India or the artist who wanders around on a Bullet

They say, 'We wander for distraction but travel for fulfillment'.

When I quit my job & packed my bags to leave the city I loved for good, I had made a choice that was pretty clear - I was traveling. I had talked and listened a lot about India's natural beauty & cultural opulence. Now it was time to realize this compelling urge of knowing her better. Knowing her, not just by looking, but by breathing her. 

And then started this story of being on the road for 60 days in South India, covering 8300+ km on a bullet and living our dream.

Since then, I have jumped in the middle of ocean & camped at paradise-like beaches in Goa, wandered around the temples & caves in Badami, climbed the highest rocks in Hampi to witness magical sunrises, camped at highest points of South India, explored crazy trails in Coorg. Fell in love with Ooty, paddled across backwaters in Alleppey, witnessed a magicala sunset in Varkala and an equally enthralling sunrise at Kanyakumari.

We have ridden the dirt tracks through Paddy Fields of Thrissur, serpentine roads through thick jungles of Ghats, beautiful coastal roads & some of the greatest bridges in India. Visited some of the oldest & biggest temples in the world, to have kindled a newfound love for religion, and understood that a simple smile can surpass language barriers with bridges that communicate much more than words can.

We returned to Bombay exactly 60 days after we had left. And though our clothes were smeared with mud, and the wounds from an accident still fresh, we were already dreaming of taking this journey forward to the Northern states and the Great Himalayas. Such is the joy of travel.

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Crafted By, Lonely India