Zostel Leh Experience by Yamini Kuchhal

Zostel is just like the way it sounds. Yes, its a hostel for backpackers looking for an affordable, comfortable, homely and hygienic living. It has 28 branches across India and Nepal wherein travelers can come together and share their stories while having a good time.


We reached Leh on the 4th day of our road trip from Delhi and went straight away to Zostel without having any second thoughts. Since I never had a chance to live in a hostel before I was really excited about my stay there. The moment I entered the premises of Zostel my excitement raised exponentially after seeing the way the decor was done there.


The living area had a complete Ladakhi feeling to it as you can see in the images.

Also, there is all sort of games that you can play there and have a good time with other travelers.

Even the corridors would take you back to your school days as they depict our earth’s geography.


The rooftop multicuisine cafe serves appetizing meals and gives us no choice but to stay inside the premises and binge on some of the authentic Ladakhi food.

Before leaving for our next destination Nubra, we stayed at Zostel, Leh for 2 days but I still crave to go back there.Also, I would like to share one funny thing in the end, I try to look for those places now for my holiday where we have a Zostel.


I would highly recommend everyone to plan your stay at zostel for your next vacation if there is a one at that destination.

This was all about my experience at Zostel, Leh.


Crafted By, Yamini Kuchhal