Jodhpur RIFF: Rajasthan International Folk Festival 2018 (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Rajasthan International Folk Festival 2019 will be held between 10th October - 14th October 2019. To know more about RIFF Visit

Rajasthan has to be one of our undoubtedly favorite place. (Who can help but not fall in love with Rajasthan?) A magical state bursting with glittering palaces, majestic forts and romantic lakes. Rajasthan’s regal architecture provides a stage screaming to be filled by musicians wearing brightly coloured turbans and sporting impressive handle bar moustaches. The mesmerising music of the Thar Desert warrants an audience.


The music and dance of Rajasthan is the most lilting tribute to the spectacular beauty, the undulating sinuousness and the brutal harshness of the landscapes, and to the hardiness and heroism of the people who live in this land of the Kings and Queens. Vigorous and graceful : the dance and music of Rajasthan in India evoke the desert in all moods.It is deeply ingrained in the life of Rajasthan.


The cool stillness of the desert after the searing heat of the day and the upsurge of life in the short-lived rainy season or spring are filled with soulful, full-throated music and rhythmic dance of Rajasthan. A tour to Rajasthan would be incomplete without experiencing the Folk Music and Dances of Rajasthan.

The importance of Rajasthan’s traditional folk songs and dance forms were recognised by UNESCO in 2010 when they were added to UNESCO’s Tangible Heritage List. These days Rajasthan’s folk musicians are in demand at world festivals and in Bollywood. Jodhpur RIFF is a joint initiative of the Mehrangarh Museum Trust, John Singh and Jaipur Virasat Foundation.

As to that, there happens to be One of biggest international folk festival, In Jodhpur. That represents the Music and Dance of Rajasthan.

‘Rajasthan International Folk Festival’ is a 5 day event being held from 24 October to the 28 October 2018 at the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, India. This event showcases products like folk dance, folk music,rajasthani culture based dance etc. in the Musical Instruments industry.


Jodhpur RIFF is a not-for-profit partnership project involving two of India’s leading heritage trusts: Mehrangarh Museum Trust and Jaipur Virasat Foundation. The festival has been endorsed by UNESCO as a People’s Platform for Creativity and Sustainable Development.


This Year’s Schedule is designed in way for you, to cherish and appreciate the true flavours of Rajasthan. As renowned Folk artists, gather together to perform :) (Ain't that giving you goosebumps?)

Starting on 24th October, with an All-Student events day. Jodhpur RIFF presents a wondrous morning of music, dance, storytelling and more for Jodhpur’s young ones, featuring Different forms of folk dance and music.

Followed by An Open-to-All City Concert at Jaswant Thada From 7:30 pm-10:00pm.

Jodhpur RIFF’s festivities will be kicked off by a two and a half hour variety program of traditional Rajasthani music, also featuring excerpts from our main stage performances and ending in a rousing finale with drummers and dancers.


2nd to 4th Day : 25th October To 27th October - FORT FESTIVITIES | 10.00 am to 5.00 pm| Throughout Mehrangarh Museum ((Entry for Museum ticket holders and Jodhpur RIFF Full Festival/ Day Pass holders))

The Meghwals of Marwar herald in the first dawn at Jodhpur RIFF, every year.

Early in the day, a serene morning, the melodic drone of the ‘Tandura’, the beat of the Jhanjh/ Manjira (small-paired cymbals) and the rhythm of the Dholak create the mood for the meditative strains of the bhajans of the Meghwal community. This year we have the exquisitely meditative and masterful Mahesha Ram, Bhallu Ram and Tamachi Ram ​singing the poetry of popular poets of their community and of Rajasthan.


All other activities and performances held are lead by Living Legends. From Music of the Kalbeliyas​ ​with Mohini Devi to Kashmiri Sufiyana with Shafi Sopori and Makan Ashgvari. 😲

There happens to be a Dance Boot Camp as well in Chokelao Mahal (Mehrangarh Fort) From 26th - 27th


Sway with the sinuous patterns of the Kabeliya dancers or learn to twirl like the Ghoomar dancers in Jodhpur RIFF’s first-of-its-kind dance workshop. Kathak and belly dancer Ada Kyra, will facilitate and anchor the workshop, making sure everyone has a good time. Young, old, suave or with two left feet, let down your hair and have fun! (Details, charges, etc. to be updated on RIFF's Official Facebook page on 1st October 2018)


Each day you get to experience something new, you get to learn more about Rajasthan and it's culture.  The shows are planned from dusk till dawn in ways, for you to experience different moods and feelings of the space.

28th October, happens to be the last day of the great grand Festival.

Where we have, one of the most famous thumri singers of our times, Vidya Rao​’s elegant demeanour hides a surprisingly mischievous streak. That spark of mischief is palpable in the way she approaches her gayaki. She combines the delicacy of shringar with the robustness of the Bhakti poets in her nuanced, glissading voice and will be presenting the nirguni ang of the form as dawn breaks over the fort. She was trained by Smt. Naina Devi, and Smt. Girija Devi among other doyens of music.


She will performing in Jaswant Thada (outside Mehrangarh Fort) from 5:30am -7:30am as to close the ceremony.

Please note : Entry to Jodhpur Riff is with Valid Passes( Full Festival or Daily Passes) or Rs.100/- entry fee for non pass holders (That to for a few events and perfomances)

Jodhpur RIFF’s interactive session series give the audience a rare opportunity to meet fascinating artists from various root traditions. The sessions encourage visitors to engage with them and chat about various folk instruments, forms and communities through their performances, demonstrations and facilitated interactions. As more and more of Rajasthan's and India’s rich traditional cultural heritage disappears Jodhpur RIFF puts the spotlight on some of our remarkable music forms and traditions nearing extinction. RIFF is an integral part of folk artist's life, as they are awarded with fame and respect. It is held in Mehrangarh Fort because the great herosim and friendly-hosting history of the Palace. It is a true example of the, work of angels, fairies, and giants.


Also, Zostel is back in Jodhpur and we are waiting for you to explore it.

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Crafted By, Anushka Arora