Guide to The Jaipur Literature Festival, 2014

It is time for one of the most awaited literary events of the year. The Jaipur Literature Festival is back. All of you people travelling to Jaipur, ZOSTEL is ready to deliver the experience of a lifetime! Welcome aboard…

Well, we meant to write an FAQ column for people coming over for the Fest, but ended up with this! This is nothing like the FAQs that you might have read elsewhere, on other drab, boring websites. This is the ZOSTEL style of FAQs. F***-Awesome Questions! We are not going to answer them with rote facts. Instead, its our first hand opinion of the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF).

For those who are still not convinced, NDTV created a “looking-back” video of the 2013 fest.

You can refer to the official JLF website to align your plans to their schedule. ZOSTEL welcomes you to the Jaipur Literature Festival, 2014.

Live it. Now.

Crafted By, DV