Introducing Zostel 2.0: A Letter from the CEO

Hello World!

I am Dharamveer, co-founder and CEO at Zostel, and I need your help. Around 7 years ago, we launched Zostel with a simple question- ‘Why Zostel?’ and since then, we have continued to evolve Zostel, while being true to our moral of helping others discover themselves. Today, we have successfully partnered with exceptional individuals and as a result, have commendable physical infrastructure present at 51 locations across India and Nepal. But our work has just begun. We need to get the word out to great individuals who would be willing to help us build India as the best place in the world, to both live and explore.

Location of all Zostels.
A snapshot from Zostel’s internal tool for helping unlock every corner of India.

A quick glimpse at the map above showcases that there is much to do. On our journey, we have realized a few things- there is something to explore everywhere, every place has a soul, and that soul has a unique story to tell. And now, we want to bring these things out for the world to taste, experience, and cherish.

We have been doing this ourselves for the last 7 years, and now for the next phase of growth, we are looking for at least 36 new managers to join us over the coming year, for 28 states and 8 union territories across India.

Internal platform by Zostel. -An internal platform for managing new and ongoing projects across districts and states of India.
Building a larger local community.
State view, before a district’s view for managing local community and each individual region’s progress.

The deep involvement of smartphone and internet connectivity in today’s life, digital payments, and the entrepreneurial desire of the younger generation of India are at the heart of this upcoming Zostel revolution.

A product and feedback driven transparent economy

We are looking for entrepreneurs who wish to build the travel economy of their own state. This includes people who understand their region, are comfortable with real estate, and are long-term, patient builders. They understand that building Taj Mahal takes more than a decade.

It is difficult to hire great people, but it’s even more difficult to inspire, align, and help them manage their work-time for maximum output. We are proud to say that we have learnt and built products for helping us scale sides of the marketplace, but it’s just begun. So, we need great engineers across the board who have belief that the key to unlock India lies in building great internal products, enabling thousands of community members to work together and create magical moments for millions of people.

The unforeseen Covid-19 pandemic made it impossible to work in a regular fashion, to discuss our plans, and physically interact with our community on the things we have been building, the places where they could help us, and how we could collaborate together.

Hence, we went deep within ourselves and took this as a challenge to build a place that is resilient. Somewhere that we would always be one tap away from our community, even when they will not be in a Zostel.

Introducing Zo World

I am excited to unveil Zo World at It is a digital hangout place that we have built for our community to interact, meet new people, and continue to work together in a fully remote manner.

We have just launched our beta version, with the primary features of hosting your own common rooms, hopefully have some interesting conversations around different rooms, and play a game of Mafia together. It is a paid member-only community and with time, we hope to build one of the safest and most empowering communities in the world.

We are always on We might hang around our own private common rooms like at working on some of our own stuff, or have a team discussion at one of the team’s rooms like or It is managed 24x7 by Zostelers, so please support us by purchasing our membership and checking in to the Zo world. \z/

See you around, and let’s soon dive deeper into our reasons and plans to unlock thousands of destinations across India.

What do we really talk about on a regular basis? Our plan and products to conquer the world. We understand real estate and other different products that would work best over each unique piece of land. We keep fine-tuning each and every possible product, we do very well with Homestays, vacation villas, new age co-living, and of course, hostels. And we continue developing new products for real estate. You see, we see each building like a product and we deeply care about who the user is, how they interact with the product, and how we can really make it work for them.

We love when our users let us know that we helped them broaden their perspective, build courage while meeting new people, and understand the importance of life. To be driven, to continue to grow, to evolve as we need to- THAT is the Zostel we know!

No Money, No Problem 🤷‍♂️

I plan to build Zostel for life. And, I am not alone- I have found a few crazy people at Zostel who keep building Zostel even with 80% salary cuts. And, though we have recently started our fundraise process for the next phase of growth, we know there are a lot of crazy people out there who would love to work on our mission even without fixed salaries. If you know someone who is that kind of a risk-taker, an entrepreneur, do introduce them to us. We have built transparent economic structures that are fast growing for the individual career and enable Zostel as a brand to grow very minutely profitably while keeping maximum pace towards enabling the world to follow their heart.

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Thanks for your time and energies, please share our voice around.

Dharamveer Singh Chouhan

Co-founder & CEO, Zostel

Writer, Dharamveer Singh Chouhan.