How To Travel To Kodaikanal?

Imagine a place where you wake up, to sounds of birds chirping and a cold mist in the air. And take a walk to get lost in the green mountains and cherish the sunsets from our verandah.

Sounds dreamy? Well, So is Kodaikanal.

It's soothing climate, thrilling natural landscapes and admissible encounters with old Bison, will make your trip special.

Kodaikanal is one of the mystical, serene and alluring place which has flora, showered on it's every nook and corner in South India.

This hill station offers visitors a unique mix of nature and culture. It’s wooded slopes, rolling hills, scenic waterfalls and lakes come together to provide a beautiful setting to enjoy it’s famous homemade chocolates.

Let the fresh mountain air of this place infuse new life into you as you set out to explore the serene hill station of Kodaikanal.

But how to reach to this Hill Station ?

We have your queries sorted, Read below as we give out simple ways to reach Kodaikanal : Princess of the Hill Stations.

1) Bangalore to Kodai : Via Bus/Personal Vehicle


The drive to Kodaikanal from Bangalore takes somewhere between 7 - 10 hours and the distance between the two places is approx. 465 Km. depending on the route, it might 15 - 20 km less or more. And each minute of it you get to experience some great views of the Green mountains of the south.

The route includes Hosur, Krishnagiri, Tiruchirapalli, Velur, Dharmapuri, Salem, Thopur, Namakul, and Dindigul.

There are many bus services from B’lore to Kodai. The bus takes from Marathahalli and picks up people from places like Jalahalli and Yelahanka on the way. The bus finally stops at the Kodai Bus stand. There are various bus operators that start at various timings, making it easy for tourists to travel as per their will.

2) Madurai to Kodai : Only Drive Way

The scenic drive will take you around 2.55hr i.e 116.2km via Laws Ghat Rd. A perfect road trip will be best defined here. The forests, lakes and the waterfalls in the middle of green mountains will make it worth remembering.

As you stop to grab some coffee on the way the misty air will start to move and welcome you to the beautiful lands of the hills.


Rest, I leave for you to experience !

3) Coimbatore to Kodaikanal distance is 172 kms via Car/Private Bus

Best time to start your journey from Coimbatore is morning so, you could reach at the famous Palani Temple to pay some heed and later resume your journey. On this way you find famous food joints and other dhabas to catch some lunch/lite snacks.

All the ways to reach Kodai reflect its beauty and are as scenic as possible !

4) Chennai to Kodaikanal is 514 kms

Travel by bus/air to Madurai from Chennai. Then you can continue your train journey to Kodai Road Railway Station or hire a cab and reach directly to Kodaikanal via one of the most scenic roadways of India. With an awesome view. You could be seeing, Vaigai dam on the way and several water fall.

And enjoy the freshly farmed fruits on your way to Kodai and stop at every picturesque spot and say click some snaps! (Don't forget to tag us !)


5) Ooty to Kodainakal : 251 kms

You will feel like clouds are touching you.
You will feel you are on the top most hill of the earth.

This is your perfect weekend plan, a pleasant, safe and comfortable ride in the hills! The views are no doubt beautiful! With a social-street way, this road has many more restaurants and dhabas on-the-way and the perfect views of the Windmill farms can't be missed.
Palani Temple will be an attraction as soon as you get done with the greenery on both the sides of the roads.



1) Nearest Airport to Kodaikanal is MADURAI (IXM) 134kms away

2) Nearest Railway Station is Kodaikanal Road (KQN) 79kms away

3) The best way to enjoy this ride is to drive/ take a bus.

4) Carry your First-aid in all cases.

5) The roads are safe and crowded. But be slow as these roads go through the jungles and it makes it very easy for animals to commute as well!


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Crafted By, Anushka Arora