First Backpacker Hostel Experience : Zostel Gokarna

I had refrained from choosing hostel as a travel accommodation for the longest time. It just didn't seem to match my personality. Although I'm not really an introvert, I enjoy having the luxury of my personal space.

Hostels provide you with budget accommodation where you share dorms and some common areas with other travelers.

I was always curious though about how it would be living in a hostel while traveling. I had heard some great stories from friends and fellow travel bloggers. So when my Gokarna trip was scheduled, my friends and I booked our stay in Zostel (I never said I was going to do this alone, did I?). With a dearth of accommodation in Gokarna, we weren't left with much choice.

It's all about the view!

Zostel Gokarna offers one of the best views in town. So much so that our decision to stay here was completely based on this factor. This hostel is plopped on a hill overlooking Gokarna beach.

zostel gokarna view.jpg

View from the bar

From every part of the hostel - cafe, common rooms, bar and dorms, you could treat your eyes with the glorious stretch of the shoreline. I have spent endless hours soaking in the beauty.

Experience your first hostel with your friends

Unless you are feeling adventurous or you don't face any social anxiety. And are looking to challenge yourself.

Hostels can be intimidating, especially, in a foreign land. I was glad to have the comfort of sharing my first hostel experience with my friends. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Socializing can be painful but you must

Now just because you have brought along your friends doesn't mean you won't interact with your hostel-mates. One fine afternoon, my friends set out to explore few places which didn't interest me so I decided to stay back.

I don't really have social anxiety but I'm too lazy to socialize up front. On most occasions, in a hostel, you won't be left alone.

zostel gokarna friends.jpg


I was at the cafe sipping some cocktail and almost instantaneously joined by a kind lady. We spoke at length about our past adventures and were then joined by more people. That evening broadened my horizon of traveling.

Budget stay and so much more

If you are a backpacker or a budget traveler there is no doubt that you have to consider hostel as an accommodation. But there is more to it.

paradise beach gokarna.jpg

Trek to Paradise Beach with my hostel-mates

You get to know about cool new places from fellow travelers something that even Google might miss. You get to join groups on sightseeing and split food and travel expenses.

More snaps from Zostel Gokarna

zostel gokarna.jpg


zostel gokarna female dorm.jpg zostel gokarna outdoor.jpg

zostel gokarna common room.jpg

Even though I might not stick to hostels as a long term travel option, it something I feel one must experience. It will leave you exhilarated and fulfilled.

I think I'm all set to pull off a Solo-Euro-Hostel-Hopping-Trip. Whenever the travel Gods will be kind to me that is ;)

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Writer, Neha Hadkar.