6 Movies that show India as THE place to travel!

If there's one thing that India loves, it is movies. Art imitates life, but in India, life imitates art to the same extent, maybe even more! And there's a couple of movies we had in mind that make us get itchy feet, for which the (metaphorical) doctor prescribed travel, and popcorn. Let's get going then!

Jab We Met

Yes, yes we know this movie doesn't revolve around travel completely, but it is the glue that holds this movie together! When Geet frolicked around in Rohtang pass where normal people would have tiptoed around, we were sold.

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

This movie captures everything that we stand for...Live. It. Now! You know how they say travel is the best education? Well, the essence of that line is very well-executed in this movie. Don't be a tourist, but a traveller - this movie conveyed that message too! Did Zobu go to Udaipur to find his own Deepika Padukone? Perhaps.

Dil Chahta Hai

DCH taught us a lot of things - a trip with your friends to Goa is always the sign of a new beginning, having a sense of humour is essential to have a good life and hairstyles take a lot of effort (and gel). Jokes apart, this is one movie that makes us want to pack our bags and go to Goa and sit on the fort with nothing but friends!


Who's the central character in this movie? Not Alia Bhatt, not Randeep Hooda, not that big truck, but the road. Best pre-wedding time ever, surely beats endless hours of sitting in stuffy shops and buying stuff you're going to use only once in your life.

3 Idiots

Study and top a college, run a school that produces students that produce super-cool gadgets and live in Ladakh. If only all our lives were like Phunsuk Wangdu's. The view is like a godsend, especially when it includes Kareena Kapoor.

Chennai Express

Apart from the funny accent, this movie showed us some amazing locales in South India. Kashmir to Kanyakumari, well, half of that statement is definitely true! And when Goa (Dudhsagar Falls) makes a special appearance in your film, you can never go wrong, can you?!

Writer, Gaya.