7 Best Cable Car Rides in India (2019)

Cable car rides...the stuff of dreams and Bollywood! How many times have you wished to be aboard one of those cars, dangling over a valley, having a bird's eye view of the entire city with greenery and snow-capped mountains as far as the eye can see? Almost sounds like you're starring in a candyfloss Bollywood movie with an item number and everything, doesn't it :P If you thought that these could only be done in Switzerland, you're wrong! Here are 7 amazing cable car rides in India. Take a look!

Darjeeling Ropeway

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Started in 1968 by the forest department, this ropeway offers unparalleled views of hills and valleys around the town. Despite an accident that occurred over a decade ago, the circuit has been revamped and restored to safety. Passing over dense forests, ridges, tea gardens among other beautiful attractions, a ride in this cable car will transport you to heaven - figuratively!

Gulmarg Gondola

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Asia's highest cable car circuit and the world's second highest operating cable car since 2008, this gem in Jammu and Kashmir is one that should not be missed! The scenic splendour here includes two phases, and you can squeeze in a horse ride in between. Snow-capped mountains, skiing, Kashmiri pulao at a dhaba - what's not to love?

Kailasagiri Ropeway

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A park atop a hill in Vishakapatnam, the Kailasagiri ropeway is the first of its kind in the entire coastal India! Providing a panoramic view of the concrete jungle, that is the entire city, lush and green forests as well as the beach, this unbeatable combination of a hill-valley-beach ambience will have you singing love songs in lesser than a minute :P

Mansa Devi Udankhatola

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This ropeway in the holy city of Haridwar carries devotees to the revered Mansa Devi Temple that sits atop a hill! You could choose to trek up to the place as well but the cable car offers the most amazing view of the city - have we made it tough to choose? :)

Raigad Ropeway

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The Raigad ropeway ferries passengers to the stunning Raigad Fort, located in Maharashtra which is considered to be the final resting place of the great Indian warrior king, Shivaji. Don't worry about shelling out big bucks either...the Raigad ropeway is a non-profit endeavour, the first of its kind in India! Your wallet will be happy :)

Auli Ropeway

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We're taking you to heaven on earth again...Auli, an important yet less-known ski destination in the Himalayan mountains in Uttarakhand, has the most amazing cable car service that runs for 4.15 kms - the longest in not only India, but Asia! Snowy peaks, alpine forests, beautiful climate...the stuff that dreams, or SRK songs, are made of :P

Mansapurna Karni Mata Ropeway

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You may have heard of '7 minutes in heaven', and this has 2 minutes extra! Not along the same lines :P This cable car service in Udaipur offers a 360 degree view of the White City with its stunning lakes and lovely forts. Go here during sunset with a romantic prospect and by the end of those 9 minutes, he/she will be your special someone...guaranteed! :D

So, looking forward to getting high? ;)

Writer, Gaya.