Backpacking through South India- The Complete Travel Guide

The best thing about backpacking across India is that it is pretty much affordable for anybody. Whether you are going on a trekking tour, bike tour, car tour no matter what it is, backpacking in India is all about making memories while exploring the beauty of nature.

This article throws light on what you need, what to do, and where to go while you are on your backpacking trip to South India. So, let us get started:

1. Places Not To Miss


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The South Indian terrain has a lot to explore. Make sure that you don’t miss out essential places on your trip. Follow my footsteps, and you need not worry about anything.


Your first visit is to Cochin, which lies almost at the extreme tip of southern India. Situated on the beds of the Arabian Sea, Cochin offers magnificent sea and aerial views. Apart from backwaters and ocean views, the city is a hotspot for checking out European churches, palaces, and cemeteries.


Alappuzha in Kerala is your next stop to explore lifestyles in houseboats while travelling through the network of canals. If you are lucky enough, you could also experience the buzz of the local festivals and water carnivals of the place.


Your next doorway to heaven is Munnar - most popular hills station of Kerala. The list of main attractions includes Eravikulam National Park, Mattupetty, Pallivasal, Top Station, Anamudi Peak, and Tea Museum. Your visit to this place may involve long walking trails inside thick forests so, don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes.


If you are a person who loves extreme greenery, then Coonoor is your only ticket. You can hike and click super cool selfies on your trek to tea plantations. Apart from all the nature getaways, the place also offers a cold climate where you can soak up to peace. Jump on the Toy Train that runs between Coonoor to Mettupalayam, and you can enjoy the serene beauties of nature.


Ooty, although little crowded than the rest of the places, is the place where you can find nature everywhere. From vast pine tree forests and beautiful waterfalls to rose gardens and tea industries, everything that dwells in Ooty spills lifestyles and cultures of the locals.


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Kyathadevara Gudi

Kyathadevara Gudi Wilderness Camp is the destination for those who are extreme animal lovers and have a high affinity towards jungle adventuring. The camp offers wildlife exploration while taking a safari ride into the animal habitats. The sanctuary is home for many extensive animal species. A thrilling jeep safari, hilltop views of the sanctuary, walking trails with locals are some fresh experiences which delight any tourist visiting the place.


Explore yoga in Mysore. Head to Mysore to finding yourself in the era of south Indian kings at the age-old Mysore palace or learn the ancient histories of India at Melody World Wax Museum or simply find your spiritual gateway at may yoga centres located at this place.


If you are fond of amazing vistas of rock-cut temples and ancient architectural buildings, Hampi, is where your dreams come true. Visiting Hampi you can be blazed with the beauties of age-old monuments and temples, rich artworks, humongous boulders and rivers scattered in and around Hampi.


Visit Goa, to enjoy beach experiences. Goa is known to be as a party hub of South India. Then, why miss it? You can have everything covered on your trip to Goa - kitesurfing, foot massage on the beach, flower markets, delicious Mediterranean cuisines, water adventure activities - what not? There is nothing else like “Goa.”

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2. Make brilliant choices for commuting


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3. Travelling On Cars

Backpacking around South India can be a lot of fun only if you have a very smooth commuting experience. If you are a group of people, decided to go on a car during your backpacking trip it is good. But make sure that you take a small vehicle instead of a huge one. A small car can facilitate you to get through the tight muddy roads, thick vegetation, and allows you to travel in a hassle-free manner.

Are you a group of people with extreme items of luggage and backpacks? There is no way you could find space in a small vehicle after load it with your luggage. So, it is always better to fix the top of your car with holden colorado roof racks which can wonderfully work well for holding your luggage while you are on your adventurous tour.

4. Biking Trip

If you are into travelling on bikes, make sure to understand that you are going very long distances for long hours. Therefore the choice of bike matters a lot for a safe journey. Honda Africa Twin is outstanding for biking trips. These bikes are designed with bigger tanks and better seats which avoids frequent refilling of the tanks and also gives you enough space for comfortable seating and to tip up your backpacks to the bike seats. Apart from comfort and safety, these bikes are also very trendy, and you can take a couple of Instagram pictures clicked with these cool bikes.

Whether you’re travelling on as a solo traveler or traveling with a bunch of friends, planning is always an important factor to consider. So, take some time to plan your travel itinerary, places where you want to stay, travel modes and then get started on your trip. Happy Travelling!

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