Solo Woman in Dharamkot

Travelling solo has become a hit with women, and we have proof of that here. In the 20 months that we have spent changing the way India travels, there has been a big increase in the number of solo women we've hosted. How awesome is that! We know there are more women out there who want to do the same, and what better to inspire them than to share a story from these cool women travellers and the places they have visited? 

Today, we have Anukriti Bishen, 24, a superwoman who is a social media marketing consultant, dog lover, music buff and of course, a compulsive traveller! Here she is, sharing her experience travelling in Dharamkot.

Where she went: Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh

Dharamkot is a small village nestled just a kilometre away from the hustle of McLeodganj. It gives you access to all the buzz in the town of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, and at the same time de-stress and unwind in the quiet village. 

What she did

The village is full of several friendly and helpful people - both locals and tourists! Most of the travellers come here for the yoga and meditation classes, as the village has a Vipassana meditation centre. There are several ayurvedic massage centres as well as cafes. Several cafes like "Milky way" and "Trek and Dine" have notice boards which keep updating you on local traveller-initiated activites like jams for musicians, group treks, biking expeditions, Indian music training sessions and cooking/hobby classes.

A lot of volunteers also take up work in Mcleodganj such as teaching English to the local kids, helping out with women employment et al. It's wonderful!

Why it is safe

As a solo traveller, especially for women, it is safe 24x7, 365. The local people are very helpful and accommodation is easy to find. The travellers are friendly and there is a wide spectrum of activities you can choose from, to unwind and relax!

Do's and Don'ts



Credits for content and pictures to Anukriti Bishen

Crafted By, Anukriti Bishen