Jaipur Literature Festival 2016: Watch Out List

Literature is dynamic. It is not just everything written with intellect, passion, between birth and death, but is a portrait of times that have been, will be, and the utopia.

Dance, music and literature is how most of us make sense of the world that is beyond our mundane routine and every once in a while, it’s good to get a big dose of it.

Zee Jaipur Literature Festival is one such event which had its humble beginning in 2006 and now is Asia’s biggest literary festival. Writers and artists from all around the world come together and share what we literati enjoy- the freedom of expression.

With January winter comes another session full of fun, freedom and knowledge and with all the good things comes the hustle-bustle, overwhelming buzz and the hectic schedule. Here are things you should absolutely not miss while you’re dwelling in the glory of Zee Jaipur Literature Festival 2016:

1. Interesting sessions on Culture, Privacy and Migration

Just like every year, a lot of renowned artists, historians, writers, poets and philosophers will come and create a space that boasts of creativity and intellect. This time, they’ll be some major focus on the issues related to Privacy, Migration and Navigating Modernity. With this interesting theme, it might become tough to choose between a session which is interesting and a session of a famous writer.And so we've tried to help you out by this list of sessions we wouldn't dare miss, and in our opinion, you shouldn't too.

2. Diggipuri ki Kulhad Masala Chai

Hot masala chai in a kulhad does not only make the tastebuds happy but also help you keep warm in the cold. Don't forget to grab a kulhad full of chai between your literary shenanigans.

3. Musical magic

Just like every year, this year too an eclectic mix of music artists will perform morning and night. There'd be artists like Mrigya, Karsh Kale, Swarthama, Delhi 2 Dublin which will enchant your five days' literary extravaganza.

4. Books

Not just books but signed copies of books by your favourite authors, only if you try harder. If you're not one of those fangirls who run after their favourite authors, then you can just spend some alone time at the book stalls which often come up with deals that a bibliophile can only dream of.

5. The Durbar Hall

With fresco-like arches, intricate art on the walls, grand chandeliers hanging, and coloured-glass windows, this beautiful venue will instantly transport you to the times of the Maharajas. Honest opinion- this hall is worth a visit just for the sake of its majestic interiors. 

Jaipur is going to be amazing this part of the year, more if you’re a fellow traveler or want to know more about travel blogging. All you have to do is to simply be a part of the Jaipur ALT Fest at Zostel Jaipur on 22nd January!

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Crafted By, Shraddha Verma