7 offbeat things to do in Goa (2019)

Do you know that feeling when someone visits your city for what it's most known for, maybe a monument or something or XYZ, whathaveyou? You just want to shake them hard and tell them, "There are so many other things to do here...not just XYZ!" but you restrain, lest they think you're crazy.

Similarly, Goa is known for its beaches and party culture. But there's so much more you can do in this wonderful place. So, take off those beach bermudas (and then wear something else, of course) and go do these awesome things instead!

Trek to Dudhsagar Falls

A myth about how these milky white falls got their name is, a princess was taking bath at the falls and noticed a prince watching her, so she poured a curtain of milk in front of her to block the view. Maybe this is the inspiration behind the lyrics "Choli ke Peeche kya hai"? :P You can trek to this awesome place from Kulem or from Castle Rock. 

Visit Devil's Canyon

There's a story behind this beautiful river gorge too! A devil used to preside over this canyon was fooled many a time by a villager who used to siphon off fish, saying they were for his guests. But the devil caught him in the act eating the fish himself, and put a curse over this canyon. Till day, no one can fish or swim in these waters due to dangerous currents.

Go fort hopping

Fort Aguada and its beautiful lighthouse, Chapora Fort and the natural valley to the beach, Fort Tiracol that you've to using a ferry - each fort has amazing views to offer in all directions. You would be spoiled for choice, why not choose all!

Heritage house hunting

While the Portuguese were in Goa, they built palatial gorgeous houses that had an architecture that was different from anything ever seen in India before. These houses date back to a time long forgotten, and they're still in pristine condition! Explore them to get an idea of how the Portuguese used to live!

Explore Mhadei wildlife sanctuary

Projected to become a tiger reserve because of the presence of majestic Bengal tigers (Tiger Shroff won't be there though, don't worry), this sanctuary has high biodiversity with a lot of endangered animals and even waterfalls, that enhance the whole scenery.

Shop till you drop at the Night Market

A night market where you can spend your time lavishly, if you don't want to spend money! There's music and live bands playing, food stalls filling the air with wonderful aromas, colourful things to buy and even more colourful people from all over the world!

Have a spicy encounter

We're talking about the hot and happening spice plantations in Goa! Far from pollution and the maddening crowd, there are over 75 species of birds and you can even enjoy a ride with elephants or get close to the gentle giants during the elephant bath!

Writer, Gaya.