Our Story

Started way back on 15th August 2013, Zostel is India's first and the largest chain of backpackers' hostels.

The company was started with a vision to promote traveling as a way of life. In 2013, before Zostel introduced the concept of backpacker hostels to the Indian mainland, there were hardly any backpacker hostels and all a budget traveler had in the name of stay options were unsafe and dirty lodges notorious for fleecing guests and rude behavior. Fast forward to August 2017, Zostel has top rated hostels at 40 locations across India & Nepal - surrounded by a completely new and fast evolving ecosystem of more than 200 backpacker hostels.

Zostel, being a team of highly motivated professionals from top B-schools and T-schools of the country came together to change the status quo in this stale market sector and to create a fresh, new market segment of backpacker hostels in India. The core theme of all the Zostels has been to provide a safe, hygienic, centrally located and affordable accommodation wherein travelers can come together and share their stories while having a good time. Zostel also promotes micro entrepreneurship as almost all the Zostels are run by handpicked, motivated local entrepreneurs on a franchise model

Since early 2017, in addition to providing social accommodation, Zostel has come up with a new segment - Zostel Escape - wherein we try to provide local, authentic experiences to the guests. These experiences are again handpicked and conducted by the local people and are intended to take the guests beyond the obvious and touristy destinations and experiences. With time, Zostel Escape will be rolled out across all Zostels.

We hope to play our part in promoting traveling and to create a trustworthy, fun brand in the process while taking along the local communities with us.

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