This time, we take you to the HIGHEST HOSTEL IN ASIA! Zostel now in KAZA, SPITI!

With air pure enough to freshen you for a lifetime, SPITI valley rests in Himachal Pradesh at a height ranging from 3800 mts to  4270m. Our hostel in Kaza ( 3750 mts ) provides with all the help and expertise  to explore the length  and breadth of the entire valley.   All things filled with wonder make us work hard to achieve them, Spiti being no exception. You have to cross one of the WORLDS' HIGHEST PASSES and drive on the WORLD'S MOST TREACHEROUS ROAD and prove your unflinching determination repeatedly to enjoy what Spiti has to offer. 

Even though the cold winds are ever flowing, time seems to stand still while you appreciate the wonder known as Spiti.

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An oasis in the cold desert of Spiti, Zostel Spiti offers a comfortable stay in Kaza. After admiring the rising mountains just behind the hostel to your heart’s content, you can cure your tiredness in our 6-bed mixed dorms and mingle with other travelers who have been staying there. If you like being left alone with the nature, we have a private room also available for you. Evenings are best spent hanging around in our common room, exchanging your daily stories or anecdotes from your previous travels. Nights in Spiti are the best. It is tough to spot the black sky when this many stars are visible. For all the stargazing adventurers, we have the arrangement of tents too. Roll out your sleeping bags and camp away under the stars but be careful, sleep may allude you if you are too lost in the stars. For the ones looking for luxury with a bit of adventure, we have Swiss tents available. You will have your own bed and attached toilet with it. Leave all the worries aside and start loving Spiti if you already haven't.
6 Bed Mixed Dorm
6 Bed Mixed Dorm
Deluxe Private Room
Deluxe Private Room
Alpine Tents
Alpine Tents
Outdoor Camping Tents
Outdoor Camping Tents


24x7 Help-desk facility

24x7 Help-desk

Cafes and Restaurants facility

Cafes and Restaurants

Clean Linen and Comfortable Beds facility

Clean Linen and Comfortable Beds

Common Hangout Areas facility

Common Hangout Areas

Fun Board Games and Consoles facility

Fun Board Games and Consoles

Television facility


Pet Loving facility

Pet Loving

Valley View facility

Valley View

Mountain View facility

Mountain View

Trekking facility


Luxurious Tents facility

Luxurious Tents

Comfortable Privates and Dorms facility

Comfortable Privates and Dorms

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Zostel Spiti

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Leo Village Rd, VPO Kaza, Spiti District, Lahaul and Spiti, Himachal Pradesh 172114

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