360° Trek

"Sometimes, don't you want to run away from everything? When life gets too stressful, taking a break and being as close to nature can do wonders for you."
"Sometimes, all you need is to escape."

Zostel brings you The Escape Trek. We promise you would forget all your vows and worries and lose yourself in the wonder around you.

Find out how The Escape Trail would feel like : bit.ly/LetusEscape


Day 1

- You start your journey from Anshdeep Hotel in Joginder Nagar, which is the starting point of your trek. Make sure you reach here directly by taking the volvo to Joginder Nagar. and not Zostel Bir. This is where you will meet all your fellow travelers for the first time. You will have time to make friends with all of them here. What’s better that going to unexplored trails in the mountains with a bunch of new friends?

- Have a light breakfast before the start of the trek. You will need all the energy for the trek and for grasping in the beauty of the Dhauladhars all around you. After breakfast, hop on the jeep which will take you to Barot valley. The sceneries on the way are not to be missed! You will travel along Uhl river and would then get a chance to see India's first Hydro Electric Power Dam. Imagine a man made structure of this stature in the Himalayas!

- How about some fresh trout for lunch? Barot is famous for its freshwater Trout. If you are a fish aficionado, you are welcome to go ahead and try some here. uYour ride to Baragram begins shortly after this. Baragram is the place you may have wondered a lot about. It has everything you could expect from a Himalayan village. This is where your trek starts from. Before you start, look around and capture everything as a memory you can cherish.

- Your trek would take you through grass greener than you could imagine, the scenery better than you could hope for and yet it being comfortable enough for you to enjoy everything on the way without even thinking of getting tired.

- After an exhilarating journey, Rajgundha, your destination for the night will have arrived. You would reach the Forest Guest House where you can relax and have amazing conversations with the people around you while picking some fresh vegetables for the dinner from our own farm.

Does food taste better while stargazing? See for yourself!

Day 2

- The trek to Billing will begin shortly after breakfast. Make sure you say your goodbyes to the happy place. You will hike through the forests with clouds accompanying you all along.

- You will have your lunch at Chainna Pass, which is a lush green top with a 360 degree view of the Thamsar Pass. You will reach the take-off site for paragliding at Billing by late afternoon. You have an option to fly down to Bir with a glider.(Additional cost-INR 2000)

Drive back on the winding roads to Bir. This is your time to reminiscence about your trek and time there.

Things to note:

- Booking is subject to weather conditions at the day of booking. Zostel won't be responsible for the cancellation of treks due to unforeseen circumstances. The entire amount would be refunded for the same.

- Minimum number of people required for this trek to happen is 3, otherwise any deposit will be refunded.

- Maximum number of people per batch is limited to 12.

- The food served on the trek would be vegetarian; if you wish to have the famous trout fish in Barot Valley, you can do so at your own expense. No mineral water would be provided.

- Remember booking the volvo going to Joginder Nagar directly instead of the one going to Bir only!

- Return Journey: For convenience, please book a return Volvo to Delhi originating from Bir and not Joginder Nagar.

- For any further query contact reservations@zostel.com

Book your BackPack Package:

Both packages include transfers from Zostel Bir to Barot and back, meals and activities as described in the itinerary.

2 Day, 1 Night for Rs 3200

We are charging a only Rs. 225 advance for the booking. The remaining amount is payable at the property at the time of commencement of the trail.

Or let us know you are interested