1.General info:


What is Zostel?

Zostel is India's first chain of backpackers' hostels. Currently we are operating in Delhi - Varanasi - Agra - Khajuraho - Jaipur - Pushkar - Jaisalmer - Rishikesh - Manali - Bir - Spiti - Ooty - Goa- Gokarna-Udaipur. There are many more Zostels on their way!


What is a backpackers' hostel?

The concept of backpackers' hostel is very popular outside India, and it is rapidly gaining traction in our country. Backpackers' hostels provide affordable, secure and hygienic accommodations to travellers. Usually, a backpackers' hostel consists of dorms for sleeping, secure lockers for storing luggage, clean bathrooms and a community kitchen facility.


What are the facilities available at Zostel?

At Zostel, we have 4-bed, 6-bed, 8-bed dorms and private rooms, varying across the locations. All rooms are air-conditioned. We have clean and hygienic showers and bathrooms. We have a community kitchen that is fully stocked at all times. We also have a common room with the perfect ambience, games and books, where travellers can relax. All the rooms in Zostel are Wi-Fi enabled.


Are Wi-Fi and telephone services free?

Wi-Fi is free but for telephone calls, you'll have to pay the appropriate amount based on actuals.


What are the check-in/check-out times?

The official Check-in time is 12:00 pm and the Check-out time is 10:00 am. However, depending on the reservations, the check-in/check-out times are flexible.


Are guests under the age of 18 allowed to stay at Zostel?

No, you have to be above 18 to stay in a Zostel. Start counting the days for your 18th birthday :)


How can I get to Zostel?

The address as well as the Google Map location of each Zostel can be found on the website. We're more than happy to answer any questions over phone as well!


Do I also get food at Zostel?

At select Zostels, we have cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy some good grub. We also have a community kitchen at all Zostels fully stocked for your use.


Where can I store my luggage?

You will be availed the facility of a personal locker absolutely free of cost for your luggage however you shall carry your own padlock.


What are the facilities in the common rooms?

Every Zostel has a common room that has the perfect ambience for travellers to interact and have fun together! Common rooms have a television set, a small library, board games, an internet kiosk and a community telephone.



2. Everything about your room:


What does a shared room/dorm/dormitory mean?

These are rooms you share with other travellers/guests. Usually, you may have to share the room with 2-11 other people based on bed(s) you have booked and the type of dormitory (3-Bed Dorm to 12-Bed Dorm).


What does a private room mean?

A Private Room is for sole use of the person it is booked for and is NOT shared with any other travellers/guest.


What do you mean by en-suite or en-suite facilities?

It is a type of room where the toilet and shower/bath are attached to the room, for the sole use of the people staying in that room.


What type of rooms do I get at Zostel?

At Zostel, you can get shared rooms (dorm type) with facilities common for all or en-suite, or you can get private rooms that are not shared with any guests other than the person(s) it is booked for.


Do I get towels and bedding?

Yes, all dorms/rooms come with bedding. Towels are chargeable at a nominal cost. In case you're staying beyond a day, you can tell our staff to change your bed-sheets every day.


How often are the rooms cleaned?

The rooms at Zostel are cleaned by our staff on daily basis.


Do you have laundry facilities?

At Zostel, we provide a washing machine facility. You can either use it yourself or request our staff to do the laundry for you at a nominal rate.


Are there exclusive female dorms?

Yes, we have dorms that are only for women.


Is smoking allowed inside Zostel rooms?

We have smoking zones in each Zostel, but all Zostel rooms and dorms are non-smoking.


What are the basic rules to be followed while staying at Zostel?

The rules of the house are mentioned at every Zostel!




3.Booking and Payments:


How can I book my bed at Zostel?

You can book your bed at Zostel online or you can make a booking over telephone, email or fax.


What is the maximum number of people I can book for?

Group booking policies varies for each hostel. You can check the policies from the property page or you could simply drop us a mail at reservations@zostel.com.


I am booking a dorm for more than one person, but we are not large enough in number to be a group booking; will we still be in the same room?

Though we will try to accommodate your small group together, there is no guarantee that all your group members will be in the same dorm.


Do I need to be a member of any youth organization to book a bed at Zostel?

No, anyone can book and stay at Zostel!


I have made an error while making a booking and it has gone through. What should I do?

No worries! Just mail us regarding the error you have made or give us a call. We’ll solve the issues.


Do I need a Credit/Debit Card to book a room online?

Yes. But not necessarily. You could also make the advance payment via bank transfer/net-banking/E-wallet.


Can I still make a reservation if I do not have a Credit/Debit card?

It depends! Write us a mail at reservations@zostel.com and confirm it.


Is it Safe to use my Credit/Debit Card?

Yes, we take this matter very seriously! To ensure the security of all credit card transactions, the details are encrypted using a secure server with 128/256-bit encryption and encoded into a non-usable form before they are transmitted over the internet to the bank.


What is the amount I will be charged at the time of booking?

At the time of booking confirmation, you are only charged a Booking Deposit, which is 15% of the total booking amount. (the percentage may vary during peak season)


When will I have to pay the remaining amount?

The balance due (shown at the time of booking, and on your booking confirmation) is due on arrival at the Zostel.


Would Zostel only accept the same Credit/Debit card that I booked with online?

Not necessarily. Before making a booking though, please make sure which Credit/Debit Cards are accepted by Zostel. You can find this information on the details page for the property at the time of booking (prior to the confirmation).


My Credit/Debit card number and other details are correct, but the website keeps declining my booking. Why?

This can happen because of the following reasons: (1) You have reached your credit limit  (2) The card type is not accepted at the property (3) The expiry date on the card precedes the reservation date (4) There is a computer error or your bank/card issuer has refused the transaction.


How does the website convert the currency rate?

This is based on the currency exchange rates provided by xe.com every day to our website booking engine.






Is there any discount for long term guests at Zostel?

If you stay at one of the Zostels for a longer period of time, then yes! We offer great prices and other advantages for frequenters.


Does Zostel offer an early bird discount?

Yes! You can avail this discount if you book your bed 3 months in advance.


How are the beds priced at Zostel?

Our prices are determined by availability – completely fair, completely transparent. That means that if beds of one room category are in short supply at a specific date, then the prices go up. If the desired occupancy rate has not been reached, then the prices also fall automatically. What does that mean for you? The earlier you book, the lower the price! Those who make decisions on the spur of the moment also benefit from exclusive last-minute deals – of course, only as long as the respective category is not fully booked.




5. After booking is done:


What happens once I make a booking/reservation?

Once the booking is made, you will receive an email confirmation (on the email address provided by you while making the booking) with all the relevant details along with a “Booking Reference Number.” You should quote this number for all future correspondence with the accommodation provider. You can also see the details of the bookings through the “My Account” section of the website. The login details for the same are sent to you the first time you make a booking using our website.


How long do I have to wait for the booking confirmation?

As soon as you have confirmed the booking and the required payment is gone through, the confirmation is shown on the screen. A confirmation email is then sent to your email address with all the relevant details.


I have the booking confirmation on my phone/email. Is it necessary to take a printout?

You just have to present your booking confirmation. You could show it in your phone too. We'll gladly accept it. Try and avoid printing it. Let's save some trees too!


If I make a booking for today, but I find somewhere else to stay, can I get my money back?

Give us a call! This will be sorted out on a case-to-case basis.




6. Cancelling a booking:


How can I  amend or cancel my existing booking?

If you need to cancel or amend your bookings, you need to contact Zostel. You can also send the cancel/change request to the accommodation provider by logging in the “My Account” area of the website. Once you have logged in, go to the “Current & future Bookings” section and click on the relevant booking. Now, click on “Cancel Booking” or “Change booking”. Once you have sent the instructions, you will receive a confirmation mail in your email account (confirming that your request has been sent to the accommodation provider).


When I cancel my booking, will I get my deposit back?

No. Please remember that the deposit is non-refundable. in case of any cancellation or amendment made by you or under any other circumstances.


What happens if I do not cancel my booking and do not turn up on the arrival date at the Zostel?

This situation is called a “No-Show”. In the event of a no-show without cancellation, Zostel has the right to retain your deposit.


What is the cancellation policy for Zostel?

We know that sometimes plan change. Hence to make it light on your pockets we are only charging a 15% advance, which would be on a non-refundable basis. In case of prepayment, cancellations would only be entertained 72 hours prior to the standard check-in time (i.e.12 noon) of the stay date.